Telangana: Rats nibble Rs 2 lakh cash of vegetable farmer kept for his surgery | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: A vegetable farmer of Vemunur village in Mahabubabad dsitrict was left shell-shocked after he saw his hard-earned Rs 2 lakh cash chewed up by rats. Vegetable vendor Redya Naik tucked away the cash in an almirah in his house. He kept the money for his abdominal surgery.
Part of the cash that was shredded by the rodents was borrowed from his relatives. The currency notes in Rs 500 denomination were kept in a bag. Naik earns a living by selling vegetables on his two-wheeler. “It was my savings after selling vegetables. I had kept the currency notes in a cotton bag,” he said. “When I opened the bag, I was shocked to see that all the currency notes of Rs 500 were nibbled by the rats,” Naik rued.
A grief-stricken Naik went to a local bank to exchange the notes, but the bank officials refused to oblige.
“Not just one bank, I had gone to several banks in Mahabubabad but the officials said they cannot exchange the destroyed currency notes for fresh ones,” he said.
Naik, a resident of Indiranagar thanda, saved the money for his surgery. He had also borrowed some money for the operation. Naik, who was suffering from severe stomach ache, developed a lump in his abdomen. When he went to a private hospital in Mahabubabad, he was advised by doctors to go to Hyderabad for the surgery, that would cost up to Rs 4 lakh.
The banks advised Naik to approach the RBI in Hyderabad to explain his problem. It may be recalled the Reserve Bank of India had instructed the banks to exchange soiled and damaged currency notes. However, notes half-eaten by rats do not feature in the RBI’s order.

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