Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works

Teen Acne Treatment

So if you are in your teens I am sure you have read about acne. We have a lot of teenager readers on our site and we have had many requests to do an article on teen acne.

So I am here today to do an article just for you guys.

A lot of you are stressed out about acne and cysts and all these breakouts but you guys may not know the correct way to take care of acne.

And actually make it work by doing stuff that you’re not supposed to do to these troublesome friends.

so I’m going to tell you exactly how to care for them from characteristics to cost and the right care method I have brought the A to Z for teen acne so get ready to be tuned it.

So let’s go over its defects

Number 1 the types of acne

So it’s important to know your enemies your skin has pores which contain oil glands when you sip you, Bertie, you produce more such hormones called androgens.

And these androgens kind of educate your oil glands producing more sebum and more oil and just making your face more grease here in general.

When there’s too much sebum the pores or hair follicles get blocked by skin cells the increase in oil also results in a growth of bacteria.

So it’s just a big no-no for your skin in general. Now if these slots pore becomes infected or inflamed that’s when you start getting acne.

But first let’s talk about the different types of acne and really get into detail

White stops they’re impacted with oil and covered with skin layers. When this clot hand bulges this is when you have whiteheads and whiteheads are removable.

So these are when you have bacteria and sebum clogs underneath the skin and you have an inflammation.

Now leaves it lesions that have these inflammations can be a little um tender to touch and they could be sensitive and they usually look like small bumps on your skin.

This are in flames and filled with pushes may be recipe when bacteria is infected and your skin just gets all like irritated a post may appear meaning a pimple is red and inflamed.

Now these are the ones that you might have commonly heard of like cystic acne when you talk about acne and this is when you really need care firm like a dermatologist.

These are pus filled lesions deep under the skin and these can actually cause you pain. These are formalin blockages caused large and painful lumps beneath the skin surface.

So now that we have talked about the different types of acne. Now let’s talk about the different causes

So like I have mentioned and rogens elevate during puberty which causes gland to expand and produce more sebum.

Hormonal changes also occur after pregnancy or before and after using birth control pills. The blend of oil and self allow bacteria that live on the surface to grow inside the hair follicle opening.

As a result the pores are cost and pimples developed.

So researchers believe that there may be a genetic disposition regarding acne and that you might be getting it from your parents.

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This doesn’t mean you are destined to have your parent’s skin troubles during your teens or throughout your life.

But there may be a bigger chance in you having trouble with your skin.

Some drugs and cancel asleep prednisone on androgens and lithium for example can cause acne even in adults who have lived way pass through their teeth.

Anything with a greasy consistency can make the follicle stick together making your skin more grease here and just have quad cores in general.

Water-based products are less likely to cause acne for this pet and I think this is a very common reason for acne in some cases.

High levels of stress can be harsh on your skin C R H is released into the blood through the brain during times of stress which creates cortisol creating more oils in your gland.

Again this lost your pores causing acne deep breathing and exercise and maintaining your stress in general can help with your skin.

Irritation on your skin just by rubbing against surfaces different sort of surfaces such as you know your brain 

or your clothing or stuff like that even like other people’s legs like your hands even on this can cause irritation and cause acne.

Bike helmets and tight collars and stuff that have just kind of like compressed your skin and general can also lead to breakup.

Basics to remember for teen acne

Now that we have talked about the different types of acne and the different causes let’s talk about what we can do to prevent and cure acne.

Using the right cleanser is really really important in taking care of your acne. Using a light sensor that isn’t harsh on your skin and that doesn’t strip your face of all the moisture but cleanses thoroughly is really important.

and it’s good to use a bowl cleanser or stuff that ladders up easily on your skin if you decide to use a cream type sensor it’s better to rub it.

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and lather it up and then applying it to your face instead of just slathering it off right away which causes irritation.

Now one of the biggest mistakes our teenagers make is

Please don’t if you’re suffering with acne please please please. I don’t know maybe it’s just a sensation of like that skin cells being removed.

and like just the feeling of being rubbing um makes it feel like you’re cleansing away your acne, but it’s really important to be gentle it’s really important to exfoliate.

But it’s important to exfoliate in the right way so one ingredient you guys may want to keep in mind AHA.

AHA is a much gentler way to exfoliate your skin for people with acne. Out of chain ingredients I would recommend mandelic acid which has large particles.

So you could exfoliate without penetrating too deep into your skin and this is not only way the perfect way to exfoliate your skin in a gentle manner.

But also it hydrates this is super easy to use and it’s super effective in getting rid of whiteheads. So we recommend it to all our teenage readers.

So another big mistake our teenagers make is using a toner with alcohol and the feeling the cooling sensation and the feeling of this ridding your face of oils may feel good at first.

But the fact that you’re stripping your face of oils actually causes it to create more oil and using alcohol induced products from an early age could actually create a higher chance of troublesome skin for the future.

It is very important to use a product with a good water oil balance. And try to avoid using products that have high functions.

So like you know brightening or like anti-aging and stuff like that that are richly infused but rather than stick to a toner that’s hydrating and calming if your acne prone.

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And rather than using your hands with toner try using a sponge cotton pad and contrast in general to kind of organize your skin texture

kind of like sorting it out and helping your skin absorb the moisture to improve skin texture and condition in general.

Don’t sweep your face don’t touch it I know all of you have that temptation deep down in yourself like you’re like “well I want to squeeze it” and I’m not saying it’s wrong to extract.

But when you do please please please get professional care from a dermatologist or a professional like a clinical expert.

Or if you have the correct sort of obsessive utensils within your house then sterilize it you know with alcohol or anything kind of like cleaning so that you don’t infect your face it’s really important.

Try to target hydration calming and soothing all at once for acne prone skins it’s really important to hydrate lower your skin temperature and to soothe.

kind of difficult without you know flattering on your face with a lot of oil induced products right, in this occasion finding one smart products to do all three of the above would be the perfect thing to do.

A light texture serum that is not sticky and in a cream that’s not too oily and rich but can hydrate would be perfect 

and if you feel like you don’t want to have too many skincare steps you can simply mix it to and apply it as one.

At least just cut coffee or soda caffeine I’m sure you guys have guessed it stimulates and produces sebum clogging pores and hair follicles.

We find carbohydrates and sugars can cause a surge of insulin creating increase in male hormones causing more sebum so yeah kind of read what you eat if you guys are worried about your skin.

Get moving but wash well so this is like one of the best remedies I guess it’s really important to get your sweat glands moving on exercise so sweat it out sweat out all the stuff.

But then wash and cleanse thoroughly afterwards simulating the sweat gland sum keeps it uncaused and clean but it’s also important to rinse and clean up afterwards.

So when you’re taking care of acne is really important to be patient and thorough with everything you do um don’t stress over it too much come on guys you guys can fix it it’s not a disease.

And through this process of trial and you know testing you guys can find a perfect regime for you and the perfect skin care remedy and find what works the best.

Teen Acne care product Recommendation

Skin regimen and recommendation

So keeping all the tips and tricks I have mentioned above in mind I have brought you guys all the product recommendations and step-by-step routine to help you guys out.

So first cleansing

We have mentioned it so many times with the clear is rich moist foaming cleanser this is a perfect product for teenagers with acne because it is still mild and gentle.

and also it’s so easy to use um basically it’s already in a pump form and it bones out as it comes I mean you don’t need to lather it off you know it’s just already in its gentle state for your skin.

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It balances your skin’s pH level because it is low pH and also it’s really important to use your forefinger or a gentle as part of your skin to massage it thoroughly throughout your face and rinse.

Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works

Now for exfoliating

Exfoliating is essential for having better skin texture skin tone and removing unnecessary skin cells to prevent any breakouts.

But it’s also important to do this in a nonirritating and non harsh way, but scrubs can be definitely too for sensitive skin and acne prone skin that’s why we have a new recommendation and this is

a relief from by which time the mandelic acid 5% skins press water many of our staff have seen significant improvement in their skin and it does a great job in removing whiteheads.

mandelic acid is a h8 ingredient so it helps with exfoliation and it also hydrates and since it isn’t too harsh it is perfect for our teenagers out there.

Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works

Another product is clear especially just vitamin drops

This is perfect if you guys have asked me scoring without breakdown this not only face acne scars and marks on your face but it also mildly exfoliate

Just make sure and also you use to exfoliator in one routine. So if you’re using the mandelic acid toner for one part of your routine then skip the vitamin drops.

And vice versa if you’re using this then don’t use this kind of like go through and find the perfect regime for you.

Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works

Next Step Toner

The cleared simple preparation facial toner and the ear hairs toner made to it one cotton pad.

So hydration is very important for acne care not only in treating but in preventing using at aura that it’s not too thick but not too watery is really important.

Another thing toning is really good to block in ingredients that are needed for the skin and just kind of prepping your skin in general for skin care.

Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works

Serum recommendation

The Clarence Bridge for soothing serum

So this is perfect for luring skin temperature which prevents future breakouts and it also has a very light texture.

So it’s really easily applicable it doesn’t make your skin feel oily or greasy but it gives you the right amount of moisture.

Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works

Cream recommendation

The clear is rich boy soothing cream and Claire’s midnight blue calling cream

Now when you guys want to target hydrating and soothing at the same time you guys don’t want to use too many products.

So a recommendation I can give you is to mix these two products and use it as one.

Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works


The skin meat so kamei do remover

When you’re extracting troubles it is best to CA professional but if you have the right tools and you use the right method and it’s perfectly okay to do it at home.

To make sure to sanitize the remover and the area and never to touch it with your hand the comida tool is very simple and easy to use so -always come in handy

Teen acne: Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys 100% Works

Last but not least aftercare

the clearest midnight food calming cream comes again after popping a pimple never leave it to be out in the open air to dry

But protect it with a cream using a repairing cream to create a barrier helping your skin recover.

The plaza lean and the centella asiatica ingredients will help your skin reduce inflammation and repair trouble helping your acne disappear clean.


So guys I hope you guys are find this article helpful. If you find this article are helpful then please share this article a share with your friends and family.

Because your little contribution can change someone life. Thank you guys for reading these were my tips and tricks on taking care of your. I’ll see you guys with another article till then see you guys.

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