Coronavirus: Can fully vaccinated people develop long COVID?

Vaccines considerably bring down the risk of infection. That being said, they do not fully protect you, and given the variants in circulation right now, there’s a high risk that exists for someone who has just been partially vaccinated. Post full vaccination, when the immunity is said to peak, the risk of infection, as well … Read more

Most common symptoms reported if you contract coronavirus after vaccination

Vaccines work to provide immunity against coronavirus and prompt protective antibodies. However, there’s no guarantee that they provide a hundred per cent protection rate. While they work to minimize the risks of infection, transmission rates, severity and mortality, there could be chances that one can still catch the infection. Do note that the severity and … Read more

Coronavirus: What do we know about the possible third wave of COVID-19

The second wave of coronavirus was also devastating and associated with quick progression of illness and severity of disease, even for those who are otherwise healthy or did not have serious comorbidities. The severity and increased hospitalizations were also associated with oxygen deprivation and early-stage lung involvement. Meanwhile, early studies have shown that the Delta … Read more