12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment


You have no idea why your cheeks are so red all the time today our topic is about Rosacea hey Beauty Queens welcome back to Beauty Hangama it’s your girl Sara.

Today I know you all missed me well anyways guys on the last episode of do and don’ts we talked about How to Prevent Acne Scars Quickly in Just 3 Simple Steps if you haven’t seen that article yet go check it out right now or maybe after this article.

So today guys I’m going to talk about something very special for those of you who are really really really frustrated because you have no idea why your cheeks are so read all the time I feel you guys okay.

I’m on the same page as you all know this can be very stressful that is why today our topic is about Rosacea.

What Is Rosacea?

12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment
Sources : www.medicalnewstoday.com

When blood vessels constantly expanding contrast and they actually lose the string to contrast back that is when it causes the face to flush there are three main reasons of rosacea

Number  1 is hormones the most common cause of redness the results from the decrease of as stroganoff.

Number  2 changes in temperature the temperature differences between indoors outdoors UV rays or even long-term exposure to the cold weather are all changes in temperature that causes redness.

Number 3 the skin barrier using the wrong skin care products can cause redness by damaging the barrier of the skin

So now that we’ve learned about the causes of rosacea stay tuned until the very and because we’re going to be actually talking about how you can prevent rosacea and tips on how to improve it all right.

So for today’s don’ts we have prepared 7 tips on how to prevent or to improve rosacea so let’s get started.

No.1 – Rosacea Dite (FOOD)

12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment
12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment

Food that helps with facial flushing one of the ingredients that is excellent is a mulberry leaf.

Now this is a cold-natured ingredient and also this is not just great for the red flushing of your face but also it is great for your migraines we want to recommend.

That you just drink Mel berry tea it’ll be really nice tutoring dried mulberry tea or we want to recommend that you mix with water and Mel berry powder together that’s a great combination too.

Then the second food is beans including beans I love beans everybody loves beans and for those of you who have went through rosacea due to hormones.

We want to highly recommend beans are rich in is flavones and they also function as female hormones beans are very very good for you.

Next food is a very familiar one its oranges did you know that oranges contain vitamin P which functions to strengthen skin capillaries.

This helps them to be less sensitive to external irritants and this helps with rosacea too. If you want then you can Claim your Lost Book Remedies for Free!!.

No.2 – Cleanse With Cold Water

Using cold water to wash your face or to splash it on your face alleviates actually facial flushing causing the blood vessels to contract

Also, did you know that putting ice on the roof of your mouth actually helps to lower the temperature of your mouth slightly lowering the blood temperature of the blood vessels that go through your throats.

The pre detects the slight temperature change and contracts the blood vessels to alleviate redness especially for special occasions where you really don’t want your face to become red you want to prevent that it’s great.

If you put ice in your mouth or you get a cold drink to prevent your face from flushing.

No.3 – lower the skin’s temperature

12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment
12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment

Rosacea results in the temperature increases so it’s helpful to lower the body’s temperature

So if you keep your feet or the lower part of your body cooled or in cold water this can actually help to prevent rosacea in addition to lower the temperature of your face with skincare.

we want to recommend that you use products with cooling agents we want to recommend that you use products that have really excellent ingredients,

or agents to lower the skin use a product that can actually lower the skin temperature by one degree and it will hydrate skin from deep with them.

No.4 – Care For The Skin With Sheet Masks

12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment
12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment

now sheet masks actually care for the skin temperature as a whole thing it’s an excellent thing to prevent frizz a show with cheap masks that not only hydrate.

But make sure that you use a product that doesn’t have harsh substances like alcohol artificial coloring and phenoxyethanol we recommend super super gentle type of sheet mask the goes a type of sheet mask to prevent rosacea.

And another thing is we want to recommend that you use products with ceramides in it to strengthen the barrier of the skin or we want to recommend ash masks that lower the temperature of the skin 

So that I can prevent rosacea and not only that it suits heat and it has gentle agents in it 2 number give to strengthen the skins barrier using the wrong cosmetics actually damages our skins barrier making our skin more vulnerable to external irritants.

Because of this, we need to strengthen our skins barrier with the proper and right products to prevent redness and strengthen the skins barrier by using products with ingredients such as stearic acid caprylic and Catterick triglyceride which was a very month full.

But work really well to strengthen the barrier of the skin.

No.5 – Apply UV Rays Expands The Capillaries

Now this is why it’s so important for you to avoid the sunlight

And for you to put on sunscreen even though when you are indoors using a product that has both UVA rays UVB rays and that can protect the heat all at the same time this will help to lower the skin’s temperature by preventing rosacea for you guys too.

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No.6 – Makeup That Covers Redness

when covering redness it’s important that you use a yellow tone base to cover your skin now this is much better than using a really thick or concealer that doesn’t fit your skin tone with the full coverage 

so cover your friend this with a very natural BB cream that can cover your redness and both your before as well use a BB cream that is the label that is buildable

Because you need to stack it up a little bit to cover the rosacea and we want to recommend that you use BB cream with a very natural finish

Because you don’t want to use those BB creams often that have great kind of tone to it until now.

We have learned about the do’s rosacea now let’s go on to the don’t for Rosacea

Number 1

processed or overly stimulated foods in particular fillers and processed foods actually cause rosacea.

so you should avoid foods that can raise the body temperature I know how hard it can be because I love spicy food too but really really spicy food or salted food can have an effect on rosacea instead nourish the skin with fresh produce and,

So protein and carbohydrates and an adequate amount of fat guilt.

Number 2

harsh exfoliation those that tend to have rosacea also have sensitive skin isn’t that true it goes hand-in-hand right

So using a harsh wash towel or using a scrub can actually damage the barrier of our skin and it can worsen our rosacea avoid harsh excessive foliation

And we need to put our focus on exfoliating while hydrating the skin at the same time use essence type of products

That contains a to gently melt away dead skin cells while at the same time that has really hydrating agents as well to moisturize the skin and to exfoliate the skin at the same time.

Don’t Number 3

cleansers that leave the face dry cleansers that give you a very squeaky-clean kind of finish also washes away our natural oils this leads to harsh irritation

And dryness making the symptoms of rosacea even worse those with rosacea should use about two to three pumps of a low pH cleanser these cleansers actually leave a less of a dry feeling.

So let’s care for our rosacea with hydrating cleansers.

Don’t Number 4

ingredients that trigger rosacea while you should definitely avoid harsh products like alcohol you should also be very careful of ingredients such as peppermint eucalyptus and club oil which can induce rosacea.

So those with rosacea should use products with really mild ingredients that can calm your skin like lazuli at the last step of your skincare apply a generous amount of gwazi and cream on to the spots or the areas that you have rosacea.

It will alleviate rosacea caused by heat and irritation not only that it will come and regenerate the skin this product’s nickname is actually called the blue cream for the red skin.

So just by that nickname, you can get an idea of how effective this cream is to calm your data more exciting news oh my good news for you all I know that we were very annoyed.

Number 5

hot showers hot springs and sawdust a lot of us probably really love long hot showers and also going to the hot springs and going to Selma it’s one of my favorite things to do with my mom however this, of course, can help with blood circulation but it is really really bad for rosacea

this constant exposure of heat actually expands our capillaries so this can actually worsen the symptoms of rosacea don’t number six blood pressure medicines blood pressure medicines actually expands the blood vessels

So it has the ability to induce rosacea aside from blood pressure medicine and angina medicine common painkillers or the medicine for our stomach can cause rosacea.

So we want to make sure that you double-check your medicine cabinet to be safe

But to be safer we really need you to double-check with your doctor because you might need these medicines okay all right guys.

Don’t number 7

as alcohol is broken down in our liver not only expand our blood vessels but Estelle dehyde produced within the body as metabolism occurs induced rosacea as well.

So because of this reason I know it’s hard but those of you who are struggling with rosacea needs to stay away from alcohol.

What is Rosacea Laser Treatment?

12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment
12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea Rosacea Laser Treatment

Rosacea is a very interesting condition it essentially has no pathology or described etiology or that means a pathological process that is well-defined with a source and a cause that causes it.

So rosacea is essentially an entire spectrum of different symptoms from simple rosy cheeks to the major full minute using pustule rosacea and it can be very severe and very debilitating

And of course not only is it a process of the skin destroying itself but it’s also can be a hotbed of bacterial infection.

Because of all the seeping and oozing the traditional way of treating rosacea by the average physician or dermatologist is to use creams on the face usually steroids that simply suppress inflammation.

So they will suppress the symptoms but not deal with the underlying condition of the skin so there are 2 things that we need to do one is to take care of the vascularization of the surface.

so that it looks much better and takes care of all that inflammation

But underneath that in the dermis this is something that people don’t often talk about the vascularization shouldn’t be able to get up into the top layers into the epithelium.

so just taking off or reducing or treating the top layers for all that redness

And vascularization is not enough we need to go down beneath that and strengthen the collagen matrix at the top layers of the dermis now lasers are very good at doing that.

and there available different types of lasers that do it in different ways stimulating different components of the physiological machinery of collagen production.

And you’re going to be seeing that in the procedure that’s coming up that dr. PN is using more than one kind of laser to get down underneath into the dermis and strengthen and regenerate and remodel.

New strong tight lifted tone collagen that will keep the vascularization in the dermis where belongs and not allow it to get up for you everybody could see it now as you can see from some of the before and after photographs.

12+Effective SkinCare Tips & Diet for Rosacea | Rosacea Laser Treatment
Source: www.soderstromskininstitute.com

Someone with severe rosacea can get it completely cleared up with your skin looks completely flesh tone and normal and no broken capillaries or spider veins or massive redness or seeping or losing all that is simply gone and doing it.

The way we do it by working both at the top layers and down deep in the dermis this is truly a cure that lasts for a very very long time the rosacea may come back.

But it won’t come back quickly as it didn’t show up originally quickly either it took a long time for it to show up.

soothe question is

Can Rosacea be done in just one treatment?

well, it depends on the severity of the rosacea in very light cases one treatment might be enough in very severe cases first there’s a series of treatments to take care of all the inflammation and the vascularization on the surface.

Before we can get down underneath and take care of the collagen remodeling and strengthening so for a severe case that may take three to five treatments to really clear this up the results,

Of course, it is to have natural-looking smooth looking and feeling it feels good to touch skin that’s not pustular and oozing and it looks wonderful.


Alright, guys so that is it for today for those of you who are really stressed due to Rosacea we really hope from the bottom of our heart that this article could have helped and for the next article.

And Guys If you want Then  The Lost Book Remedies is best for you you can check this out.

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