IndiaChina disengagement Before and after satellite images of Chinese camps in 2021


India and China to disengage along the disputed border things are moving in the right direction you watching and digital I am reading this video I will be showing you before and after satellite images of finger it is like China has dismantled dozens of structures and move Wiggles and being jams along Blacc Blacc. Does a picture of five on the North Bank of Bank on so taken on the 30th of January 20-21 what you can can’t really see Chinese camps located in this very area and now look at where things stand as on February 16th you can see that the Chinese have dismantled at Camp as part of this engagement agreement let’s take a look at how to the Chinese had built walls and storage areas in finger 6 once again this image was taken on the 30th of January 2021 11th ell me ese e can tell me see that ass truck just happened to move and the landform has been partially restored and the satellite image of fingers 7 and 8 seven and eight you can clearly see build structures in two will be idiots wanted of doctors near the frozen lake and the other a little in Word as on February 16th 16th the structures built near the Frozen lake remain

the other set of structures have been dismantled what you just saw is the result of India amping up pressure on China by occupying vantage points in Georgia College range on a Southern Bancorp the bank on Lake and this is exactly what turn the tables on PLA and brought them to the negotiating table a s a ll assaulted by Indian Northern Army Commander lieutenant-general vikas Joshi as well as China’s transgressions who responded to by India in a timely manner by mobilizing and breaking strength opposite to fiction points and posturing the Indian Lieutenant General also said that the first five command level dogs dogs did not post the results do you cost of results after which the PLL resulted to aggression on 29th 30th August in the 80s 80s opposites out of Bank of lake in response to this aggression India in the occupied the heights of heights of passion law and raisin law in the kalash range Heights overlooking finger food on the North Bank of Bank on Lake we’re also occupied by the Indian army Listen to give me the turning point and the beginning of change in Chinese stands stance that’ll be agreeing to disengage in these areas in the comments section down below if you like the content know a like and share this news.


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