https spotify com pair tv code

https spotify com pair tv code

Spotify is the best streaming service in the World. It has millions of user are using the account to stream music , it is providing the music in different languages  . Everyone is wishing the  Spotify sometimes you want to cast on the big screen device such as play station, Smart TV, and other devices. Some members are don’t know how to pair  device by using these tv code  .

Remember points before pairing your device to smart TV and other devices.


  • When you pair the device make sure WiFi connection having both the device.
  • When your connecting WiFi use the same device which is going to pair  your device .
  • Make sure that  your connecting device  WiFi is same  as your connecting Smart TV.

Install Spotify app on your smart TV by using  WiFi connection.


Choose latest Smart TV which is having the WiFi connecting option and also pairing device option. Now witch on your smart TV , connect WiFi connection. WiFi connection must be same as the device which is going to connect. Some TV may not have the WiFi connection option. Try to see see that WiFi connection is compulsory. Follow the below steps to pair your device using https // tv code  .

Follow these steps to pair on your Smart TV


  1. Go to Smart TV play store  .In your Smart TV if you don’t know the TV play store means then go to Google/chrome.
  2. Type the name Spotify. You get the Spotify app.
  3. Tap on the Spotify app. Click to install the app.
  4. After Installed Spotify app on your Smart TV.  If your new user means you have to register Spotify account. And fill up the details if your already user maans then directly sign in with gmail and password.
  5. After signin Spotify app on your Smart tv you will get the bar code. Note the bar code pin .

Note:when your sign in Spotify  app make sure that use the same Spotify account on your tv and your device which is going to pair your device .


Follow the next steps on your  your device(Android mobile, laptop,computer,tab)which is going to pair with Smart TV

Install Spotify app on your devices (Android mobile, laptop,computer,tab)


1.Go to Google Play store on your devices like (Android mobile, laptop,computer,tab)

  • If your using iPhone means go to apple Store.

2.Go to search bar type the name Spotify on the Spotify app tap to install the app

4.After installed Spotify app. signin your Spotify account of your already registered means. Or if your new user means you have to sign up Spotify account and fill the details.

Make sure that use the same account while pairing your device.

After completing above two process now the final steps to  pair your device using the https // tv code

  1. Now keep both the device sign in with same gmail/same account.
  2. After that go to bar code options on your Smart TV.
  3. Tap on the bar code . You will get the https // tv code
  4. Now go another device (Android mobile, laptop,computer,tab)
  5. After signin on your device (Android mobile, laptop,computer,tab) go to menu bar you will be get the many options choose the bar code options.
  6. Now select the options login with pin
  7. Now enter the pin https // tv code  by using your Android mobile which is shown on your Smart tv code.

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After completing of entering your code device will be paired  now you can listen all your favourite songs.

Not working  https // tv code

  • try to see that having the speed network connection. If doesn’t have means it takes some times.
  • make sure that use the same gmail account when your sign in your device. Don’t use different account to pair device . It’s show the error.
  • when your paring device sometimes it  may not be connect it’s show an error. If it’s happen like this means uninstall your Spotify account and clear cache. And again install the Spotify account.

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