How to take care of dark underarms | 5 Tips to get Lighten Underarms


Hi everyone welcome back I hope you guys are doing well so today’s article is going to be all about underarms.

yes, you guys have been asking me about my underarms flick for the longest time any time I have getting a bunch of questions like what do you do for your underarms how are you underarms to white.

And honestly, I would want to thank my parent’s thank you so much for blessings

So honestly there’s not much that I do to keep my underarms the way it is but there are certain things that I like to do.

So that it stays this way so I hope it helps you guys out and I know there are like a lot of techniques to lighten your underarms and stuff like that but I haven’t really tried them.

so I am NOT the best advocate to teach you guys those things so I’m just going to strictly adhere to what has worked for me and the things that I like to do and just chat with you guys about my underarms.

So in this article, we are going to go step by step and I’m going to give you like tip number one tip number two and stuff like that okay.

So I just thought of organizing my thoughts through this article and just be a little bit more structured and everything,

 So that I don’t miss any point and so that I give you and tell you everything that I know about underarms and things that have worked for me.

Tip number 1: for me is to never use hair removal cream

How to take care of dark underarms | 5 Tips to get Lighten Underarms

no big note so here’s a little trivia about me if it’s the first time you’re reading me or maybe you’re reading me for the longest time but you still don’t know this but I have been in a residential school since the age of 8.

so I have seen a lot of girls do a lot of things and one of those things is using hair removal cream in their underarms and I have P their underarms magically transformed into this black hole and yes it’s disastrous don’t ever use the hair removal cream.

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and then when I saw that I was scarred for life trust me it was one of the most carriers experience ever and there’s also the funny and I do it that I remember I was really young and my mom was going to kill me for this.

but so what happened it is like my mom wears like a lot of sleeveless blouses and I get to see her armpit and she is left with a hair free armpit like sometimes like little hair it’s come out but it’s not like a bush or anything it feels like tiny baby hairs here and there.

and when I was younger I didn’t really have a lot of hair growing out of my armpits like I’m not very hairy anywhere expect from my legs my legs are like anyway.

So my armpit it’s rendered hairy when I was like 15 16 in okay or maybe younger and what happened is that I told my mom how do you have hair in your armpit even I want hair in my armpit.

I actually said that to my mom and my mom still teases me about it like everybody wishes that they don’t have hair and I wanted hair in my armpit I don’t know why.

So yes don’t use hair removal creams I don’t care if it’s the most advanced thing out there just don’t okay.

Tip number 2: trimming is to always wax or shaves your armpits

How to take care of dark underarms | 5 Tips to get Lighten Underarms

so for me I used two backs that’s how I started having hair I guess I didn’t really have really coarse hair I still don’t have really coarse hair in my armpit and the growth is really slow.

So the thing is that always go for something which is a little bit gentler on your armpit.

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so for me personally I prefer shaving/waxing just because I’m lazy and I don’t feel like going on to wax my armpits so what I do is that I just gently light my razor on to my armpits in one direction I get like a really nice shave.

And it’s really fast and effortless that’s why I prefer to ring back but you do you whatever it makes you feel comfortable and I would prefer that you backs or shave your armpits.

Number 3: stay away from any alcohol-based products

How to take care of dark underarms | 5 Tips to get Lighten Underarms

It’s is so so important and you have to always always follow this so stay away from any alcohol based products from your armpit be it body slash perfumes no you are not putting that anywhere near your armpits for them in your clothes put them in your neck.

but do not put them in your armpit and even any deodorant for that matter if it has alcohol in it do not bring it near your underarms okay and also for that matter do not use baby wipes or cleansing wipes in your underarms.

because wipes have like the most alcohol content that’s why it cleans everything like baby wipes even if it has like a little amount of alcohol you should not put it into your underarms it really irritates the skin down there and it just creates that pigmentation.

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And then it starts like getting dark so what you need to do is use a product that does not have any alcohol and when a product has alcohol you would know that instantly.

Because you can feel your underarms starting to think we’ll and once it starts tingling just make sure that you wash that area really well with water or so for anything gentle.

For me I’ve always used the Nivea underarm products so they have this whitening range I have used the whitening smooth skin underarm roll on for the longest time this is actually my third or fourth bottle of this I love using the roll-on.

And if you’ve been reading me for the longest time you see my older articles like get ready with my articles I have shown this and so I really like this.

And then they also have the deodorant so if you prefer deodorants over roll-ons or whatever floats your boat or you can go for anything.

And this is the  Nivea white deodorant this one is the fruity touch and I really like the fragrance of this and it just keeps my underarms really soft and clean and does not let it like you know get the order down there.

and so what you need to do with any deodorant is that spray it at least from like tenor fifteen centimeters away do not spray it like really close or really far away and also make sure that you are only spraying this onto your underarms and not onto your clothes.

if you’re spraying it onto your clothes it’s not meant to be there and that’s where you would spray your perfume and also deodorants like this they are alcohol-free even the roll-on is alcohol-free.

and it also has Maliki in it which is I think licorice and that helps in like whitening your underarms and also keeping it moisturize and tipping it even looking you need to use this like every time you’re out of the shower.

And also if you are like someone who gins or exercises regularly then I think you might need this and like after you’re done working out just so that you don’t gross out everyone that’s around you.

Tip number 4: is to wear something that is breathable a dairy and flowy and does not constrict your underarm area.

How to take care of dark underarms | 5 Tips to get Lighten Underarms

So always stick to materials that button or like you know any on one of these light materials I’m not expert in fluids or fashion.

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but wear something in which your underarms can breathe freely and there’s like air flow I know let’s certain blouses like sari blouses they let people stitch them to be really tight and then your underarms are like constantly rubbing against those a material don’t do that.

I mean that’s another one of like the reasons why your underarms could get pigmented.

Tip number 5: is scrub my underarms

How to take care of dark underarms | 5 Tips to get Lighten Underarms

To actually take care of your underarms and just make sure that you follow everything else that I said and also what I like to do are very regularly is scrub my underarms.

so for scrubbing my drums I just make like the simple DIY thing where I take normal sugar granulated sugar in a bowl and then I pour in coconut oil any oil that you prefer and something that is more Rising and conditioning.

And then just mix it with the sugar and then I like to just scoop out a little bit of that scrub and then massage it all over my underarms and I’m massaging it until the sugar melts and that way what it does that it exfoliates the dead skin.

This way you know your underarms will always stay fresh and the dead skin will be scrubbed off and since I shave it’s very important for me to exfoliate because I could get in growing hair.

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so too you don’t get rid of all the things I like to scrub it very regularly Kanaka product like these theorems which are whitening ones I have been using them for a really long time.

I think that maintain mandarins quite well I mean it’s doing quite well it hasn’t like pigmented or anything like that by fairer I don’t mean like light skin.

it’s basically just getting an even tone so whatever your skin tone is just getting it back to that you know you don’t need to have like white underarms you know what I mean.


So yeah that’s all for this article thank you so much for reading I really really hope you found this helpful and I just wanted to like give you all the tips that I have in the things that I like to do and things that have worked for me.

And yeah thank you so much once again I really appreciate all your comments and all your love it’s always wonderful to talk to you guys,

 so leave your comments down below you subscribe to my site for more articles like this and I’ll see you soon bye

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