How To Remove Dark Circles Overnight | 5+ Causes & Hacks

How To Remove Dark Circle

Hi, guys, I’m Sara and yes we are back with another wonderful article Do you want to remove your dark circles well no matter how much we try to put on the concealer under eyes

no matter what kind of different concealers we use or foundations to cover up the darkness under our eyes yes it’s true it’s dark circles.

 Today I am here to talk about dark circles. Well dark circles appear right under our eye this area is called our eye pads right

and usually, this part is a little bit darker compared to other parts of our skin.

 This not only makes us look really really tired and our skin looks really really dull due to this + I think overall it gives everyone a really bad or negative image of yourself.

 Also it’s one of the toughest skin concerns that one might have and I think 8 out of 10 even you know 10 out of 10 people a lot of people really have a lot of worries and stress disorder circles.

 And I think that’s why we have received so many requests from our Beauty queens to do articles for dark circles.

 We actually have other articles for dark circles but it was a while back and today it’s going to be more informative and we’re going to be explaining more in detail of the cause sand also special hacks and tips on dark circles.

How you can get rid of dark circles?

 And we’re going to have really detailed on product recommendation and also.

How to use it for dark circles?

 so everybody go and go get a mirror okay because we’re going to hold up the mirror we’re going to figure out what type of dark circles they are.

 And we’re going to find out the solution for them so let’s get started.

 So let’s check out the 5 causes and solutions for dark circles I mean there are 5 main reasons why we have these dark circles there are different solutions for them.

 So let’s get started alright

1. Genetics & Bone structure Face Dark Circles

How To Remove Dark Circles Overnight

So the first reason is genetics and because of the structure of our face bone.

 Isn’t this very very interesting because right off the bat we think oh it’s because you’re tired of it’s because you didn’t go to sleep but you must have dark circles.

 One of the biggest reasons is that it’s generic. Aerobic pigmentation is usually passed down which just simply means that you got it from your parents.

 On-time so this is when the extra production of melanin makes the part under your eyes a little bit darker.

 Because as we know that under our eyes are the thinnest skin that we have on our face.

 And genetically if you have thinner skin than other people which I do and I got it from my mom my mom has really thin skin.

 And I also do then this actually is more visible compared to other people.

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Because the thin skin allows the blood vessels that have been enlarged and Milan in to be more vividly visible compared to other people.

 Another really interesting fact is that because of the structure of your bones it can seem like you have dark circles.

 The crease between your eyes and your cheekbones a shadow underneath it can look like you have dark circles.

And in these 3 cases, you’re more likely to have brownish and reddish dark circles.

The solution of Genetics Dark Circles

 There most importantly what is the solution?

 In these cases, it’s very very good to use a brightening cream under your eyes. you can’t see results right off the bat

however, if you continuously use it you will see results.

 So I mean we usually use brightly creams many of us – you know we put it on and then we go to sleep.

 However, if you do have dark circles in these 3 cases we suggest that you put on one more layer under your eyes.

 And a really really important tip here is to use your fourth finger and make sure you use you put on a very thin layer under your eye.

 So that it won’t be too rich or it won’t be burdensome for your skin.

and if you continuously and regularly do this you will see improvement gradually.

2. Tiredness & Lack of Sleep Dark Circles

How To Remove Dark Circles Overnight

Now the second reason is because of tiredness and lack of sleep. We get dark circles a lot when we’re super tired

 So when you’re really stressed or when you’re super tired feeling exhausted that is when to get a lot of dark circles also.

 So when we’re stressed and when we’re really tired and fatigued our body produces something called cortisol and this actually enlarges our blood vessels.

 A very interesting fact is that this is also produced when you sleep for a very long time too.

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 And another interesting fact is that your blood vessels enlarge when you lie down in a horizontal position for a long time

which unlike that every region but that is a very very interesting fact that everybody should know.

 So basically all of these actions will you know expand and enlarge the blood vessel however the skin under our eyes is the thinnest.

 So you can actually see that part a little bit more. So these appear as dark circles and in this case, your dark circles will seem a little bit bluish.

The solution of Tiredness & Lack of Sleep Dark Circles

so what are the solutions it’s very very simple to make sure you eat well you sleep well get great nutrition-balanced exercise regularly?

 And make sure that you get the balance back this will help to keep your physical rhythm and also to improve your blood circulation.

3. Sun Exposure Dark Circles

How To Remove Dark Circles Overnight

 So the third reason for dark circles is also sun exposure being exposed to the UV rays for a very long time can give you dark circles.

 And also after being exposed for a very long time if you don’t give proper after Suncare also called dark circles.

 So we all know that if we are exposed to the Sun for a very long time this can actually cause and create the production of melanin.

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 So this can appear as a color difference under your eyes. So it’s very important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

 However is also as important to do proper sun care afterward.

And one of the key-tips and very simple tips is that you should never go out of the house without putting sun lotion on.

The solution of Sun Exposure Dark Circles

 so make sure that you put some luck on your face and of course, you put it under your eyes

also, I think many of us really focus on the kind of covering our dark circles with you know different foundations or concealers.

 But it’s very important that we put of sunblock under our eyes too and I know that many of us kind of are afraid that it might go into our eye on stings.

 So make sure that it doesn’t actually literally go in our eye but put it under your eye.

So when we’re out and we’re retouching our makeup many of us make the mistake of not putting sunblock or SPF cream under our eye.

 So when we’re fixing our makeup we usually get the smudges off right. That’s the main thing we focus on get everything off.

 and now we put in our foundation on top of it however a really easy to Pierre is to use of BB cushion with SPF now this is a great way to fix your makeup + protect your skin from the Sun.

 And when you’re home make sure that you give yourself the proper care you know after being exposed to some for a very long time.

 And make sure you use a calming and repairing cream that will also help to just calm your skin rapidly and also soothe the skin under your eyes really really fast.

 And strengthen our skin barrier also. Of course, you can put a thin layer all over your face however you can use an eye cream to put it under your eyes all right.

4. Pigmentation from Makeup & Rubbing

How To Remove Dark Circles Overnight

So the fourth reason is we get dark circles because of pigmentation because of our makeup and rubbing our eyes.

 So like we mentioned another reason maybe because we do not remove our makeup properly and thoroughly so that there are skin pigmentation and discoloration.

 And this can appear to be a little bit purplish or brownish depending on which skin color you may have and really really simply just make sure that thoroughly remove your makeup your eye makeup before you go to bed.

The solution of Pigmentation from Makeup & Rubbing Dark Circles

So the solution it’s very simple of course first you have to make sure to thoroughly cleanse your makeup.

 Especially you have to remove the makeup that you have around your eyes.

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You know it’s a little bit difficult to get everything off especially the eyeliner you know between our lashes and our eye.

 And I know I can get really annoying and I do I know I can get really lazy. However, this can be one of the causes of dark circles.

 Try using very gentle oil that will gently help to remove all the makeup away.

 Because using this oil will help to not irritate your skin but to gently and smoothly get rid of your makeup.

And of course, don’t forget to double cleanse by using a very mild foam cleanser also and after cleansing makes sure to hydrate your skin afterward.

 Because your skin is more prone to skin pigmentation if it’s dried all right.

So very important to use a toner to hydrate your skin after cleansing.

 A lot of people ask if toners are really important but it’s very important

because it’s the first step after cleansing okay as use rolling gentle rolling motions to put it on after that step.

 add a vitamin C product and put it under your eyes and this will help for brightening and of course, you can put it all over your face to brighten your overall skin tone.

 And concentrate applying it under your eyes also and we recommend that you use a vitamin C serum that has a very very light texture.

And if you want to maximize the brightening effect then don’t forget to add a vitamin C cream as your eye cream.

 This is really really light and it will maximize the brightening effect as well so make sure that you don’t get it in your eye.

 But make sure to concentrate and put it under your eyes and you will see the difference next morning all right.

5. Aging

How To Remove Dark Circles Overnight

So the last cause of dark circles is due to aging very very sad but it’s very very true that’s reality and it’s happening.

 as we age our body our skin loses collagen moisture and elasticity and we actually lose fat under eye’s too and this makes their skin thinner

and of course, our blood vessels are more visibly see and as we lose skin elasticity, of course, we’re more prone to skin pigmentation as well.

 In this case, our dark circles appear to be more of dark brown color.

And maybe Texas I have not but don’t worry baby we have a solution for you.

 You can get rid of the dark circles by using anti-aging products regularly

and for a certain period of time using an anti-aging product will be wonderful to remove dark circles.

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 Because one of the main reasons why we have dark circles is due to skin aging many of you guys are probably very afraid to use anti-aging products for your skin.

 And especially for under your eyes because it might be too rich or might be too heavy for our skin

and that is why it’s very important to choose and find a product that is mild non-irritating but that also has an anti-aging effect.

 And we suggest that you use honey type masks and of course put it all over your face and don’t forget to put it under your eyes also.

 Make sure that I can get in your eye sure that you could put it under your eye. This will help to hydrate and nourish your skin.

 And here is another wonderful wonderful anti aging serum that will be great to use for under your eyes

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So stay tuned guys, for now, bye and take care❤️❤️❤️❤️

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