9+ Solutions To Get Rid Of Double Chin overnight (2020 Updated)

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Overnight

Today that’s why I have a 9+ point solution for you guys to remove the double chip.

So for today’s topic, it’s going to be for those of you who have concerns about these problems okay.

Please listen up if you feel like you only gain weight on your chin.

If you are those people that feel like you lose weight everywhere else in your body except for your chin.

If you are those people that are frustrated because as you grow older you feel like your chin is getting less defined.

I know that you guys have a lot of concerns like this right when the muscles rather than the fat of the chin get a messy the flow of the lymphatic fluid is blocked.

And it sucks but unnecessary waste starts building up. And now I’m going to get into some of the main reasons why this happens to us.

Number 1 is obesity

When the person has a large amount of bad because of obesity this results in increasing the size of the face and especially it increases the fat around the jawline which results in a double chin.

Number 2 is aging

Aging reduces skin elasticity and weakens the thin muscles in the front of the neck causing surrounding fat to build a double chin and I think I qualify for this one.

Number 3 is daily habits

Did you know that even mad posture or bad daily habits can cause a double chin?

Well, guys today that are why I have a 7-point solution for you guys to remove double-check hey these are going to include diet lifestyle massages and stretching as well.

Number 1 to get rid of double chin is a healthy diet

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Overnight

So it’s really important that you take a little bit less of spicy food or salty food because food with high levels of sodium can be really really bad for our double chin.

For our healthy diet it’s really important to take minimal intake of sauces or broth as much as I love sauces and I love broth it’s very very important.

Number 2 is very simple and you’ve heard it a lot before but it’s also very important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables not are rich in the mineral potassium and also vitamins. Now what this is going to help your body to do is to secrete and just detoxify all the sodium in your body.

Number 3 is simple and it’s breezy and it’s very affordable drink a lot of water

I mean as easy as it might sound it’s going to be very important because drinking a lot of water is going to help to get rid of all the waste and all the sodium also.

The second way to get rid of double chin is regular exercise

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Overnight

So I know how tough it can be to exercise daily because I feel, okay and I know that it’s really difficult with our busy lives of school and work to exercise every single day.

however if you have done exercise regularly there’s going to be poor blood circulation in your body and that’s going to result in you gaining weight a little bit more then compared to the people that exercise regularly.

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So increase movement to increase the metabolism in your body and second one is bad posture and also sleeping on your stomach.

Did you guys know that I don’t know how you guys sleep?

But sleeping on your stomach it’s really bad posture and it can cause more of your double chin.

And another thing is I know this I do this a lot too but this posture of putting your hands on your chin like this can also cause your double chin.

So if you’re like I do that well that may be one of the reasons why you’re getting the double chin.

Number 3 is stretch your neck and your back

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Overnight

Your jaw joints are connected to your neck and your shoulders when you’re shoulders and when your neck gets really stiff it makes your double chin severe.

So make sure to stretch your shoulders and stretch your neck too.

Number 4 to get rid of double chin is anti-aging

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Overnight

It’s really sad and I’m so sad to admit this but ageing can cause double-chin as the elasticity of your skin.

And muscles starts kind of down falling and decreasing the law of gravity can actually just drag your skin down and that can cost double chin as well.

When doing skincare take care of wrinkles not only on the face but also on the neck.

Use a serum that is formulated with the high concentration of EGF and bf/gf as a key ingredient and applies to the double chin to your neckline for stronger and smoother skin.

Apply using upwards lifting motions to stimulate the lymph nodes while pulling up sagging areas with fingers.

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to improve swelling by encouraging circulation to finish to relax the muscles by bowing the head downwards while using the thumbs to press on the most inner part of the neck and chin.

Number 5 of removing your double chin is double chin massage with a roller

Rollers help to improve a double chin that has been caused by bad posture also improves facial symmetry by stimulating the bones and the blood.

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Massaging the bones helps your child line and you overall your base be more defined by smoothing out your facial lines.

Now here is the double chin massage using a roller

Number 1

Move your chin from left to right while rolling it adds stress to the area with the added fat from double chins

Number 2

Roll from the shoulders to the neck and to the ears because the back is connected to the double chin taking care to massage the area not only removes the double chip but also lifts the face.

Number 3

Starting from below the mouth and roll up birds among the face line to the ears.

Extra tip

Grab the roller with the handle facing upward

Sixth way to get rid of double chin is using masks for double-chin

Use a mask of for your double chin not only will this help to lift up your skin but it will also help with brightening effect and also for wrinkle care as well

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Number 1

Prepare the skin

Number 2

After taking off the protective film yank on both ends two to three times

Number 3

Giving equal strength to each side slowly hang each side to each ear keeping the gel portion at the middle

Number 4

Remove after twenty to thirty minutes this mask uses an elastic fabric that lifts the tired skin and nourishes and close the skin with high levels of nutrients

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this mask is really great for dates for interviews and actually you can put this on while you’re exercising too so it can be great for that as well we can just stay home and put this on and care for our double chin.

Seventh way to remove your double chin it is makeup to cover your delusion

Now we’re going to show you a way where you can use a little bit of illusion with makeup and you can use our filter tip to remove your double chin.

And also contouring is really trending in Korea as well simply apply this tape from your chin to behind your ears in an upward motion to see a difference.

Contouring helps to naturally hide a double chin for the “v” line.

Number 1

Create guidelines to contour based on where you want to cover your double chin do this for the whole region from the chin to the neck

Number 2

Contour down to the neckline starting from their downwards in a straight line

Number 3

Add dimension to the centre of the chin using a highlighter

8th way to remove double chin is stretching

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Overnight

We’re going to share some easy stretching moves that you can do at home by yourself to get rid of your double-check

Number 1

Extend your back as far as you can

Move your neck upwards and downwards ten times it’s more effective if you take even breaths for 5 seconds this exercise tightens your chin line and improves chin wrinkles.

Number 2

Stretches the chin by making ane shape with the mouth while moving the corners of the mouth downwards.

Number 3

Lift your chin and make it a shape with your lips keep this pose for 20 seconds and repeats 10 times a day.

Number 4

Move your lips towards your nose doing this consistently will get rid of your chin fat


Okay guy’s thank you so much for tuning in until the very end.

And if you have any suggestions please leave it in the comments below because we read every single one of your comments okay alright.

Remember that you’re beautiful just as you are and keep tuned in for the next episode we’re going to have another episode of beauty hackers for you

Thank you guys so much we love you and we’ll see you next time bye

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