Best Way How To Deal With Whiteheads [Updated 2020]


Hello my beauties welcome to the acne series and today I’m going to talk about whiteheads acne. It seems like I keep on talking about acne and like a never-ending story just like my acne problems.

However I am NOT alone over about 85% of young adults also experience this sort of skin problems.

What are whiteheads?

Best Way How To Deal With Whiteheads

Well they’re pretty much the most annoying things on earth they kind of visit that pops up in the most inconvenient time and it are usually at the worst part of your face.

Where it’s so obvious like either your nose or your forehead cheeks pretty much everywhere.

But let’s be technical what hat is also known as a closed come done it’s pretty much a combination of excess sebum which is oil. Get Free Organic Ramidis about whiteheads.

And dead skin cells that grow in the hair follicle also known as a pore. And basically it creates like this buffet for like bacteria to grow on.

And once your skin gets irritated it creates this sort of like lump which we call the Whitehead.

What is the difference between blackheads and whiteheads?

Best Way How To Deal With Whiteheads

They’re pretty much made up of the same thing whiteheads AKA also known as the closed come done which means that have a very microscopic opening.

Therefore there’s no direct access to the air so hence it’s not oxidized which means it keeps its color white.

So I’m going to talk about prevention because I always believe that prevention is better than cure.

Number one Avoid touching your face at all times.

Because you have no idea how much bacteria and germs we have on our fingers especially the area between your nails.

And your fingers that are pretty much like filled with bacteria.

And when you have one in touching your face and picking your face you’re just transferring more bacteria to feast on the excess sebum and dead skin cells in your hair follicles.

That’s why it’s creating like a spread wild you know it’s like that Wolsey happening you know all of your face.

and plus a lot of the times you might find that a lot of these whiteheads will go away on its own your body has its way of fighting off this foreign bacteria.

And basically eliminating the irritation and the into the swelling and all that stuff as wells the times by not touching it.

And just leaving alone if your body can actually absorb it and actually kill it and will go away.

Number two is cleanse exfoliate and repeat

What I mean by repeat does not mean that you do this excessively.

Because obviously over-exfoliating your skin will create irritation and make your skin more raw and sensitive to you know actual bacterial infections.

Number three is removing makeup

Especially makeup with SPF because they have ingredient that actually is a little bit more harder to remove with just plain water.

And a lot of the times it creates these blockage in the hair follicles hence it’s very very important to remove that extra layer.

And make sure that your pores and your skin the oil flows through like you know properly and smoothly without any congestion.

So it’s all about their so-called hygiene and making sure that you don’t sleep in makeup and making sure your skin is clean and fresh at all times.

Number four is hydration

There is a perfect balance of oil and water in your body and when you are dehydrated your body will produce more oil to compensate for that dehydration.

So the very important thing is to hydrate hydrate hydrate and that also includes drinking water as well.

Number five is consistency

Acne is not an overnight cure and there is no such thing on this earth that will guarantee or promise you that if you use it.

Or if you do this your acne will disappear tomorrow because no it does not work that way. It is actually more of a discipline and it does needs to be a routine.

That you have to do incorporate a whole new lifestyle sometimes is to make sure that you get your skin back to good health and at the end of the day.

It’s about doing the same things and making sure that you keep up with these new hi jeans or these new routines and you will know that with determination. And hard work and you will get results eventually.

Number 6 Seek professional advice

Because a lot of the times you’ve tried everything and you are eating right you are sleeping right you are doing everything you’re supposed to do but your skin is still breaking up.

And that could be something that you cannot control whether it’s genetics whether it’s hormonal whether it’s something that you have no idea about whether allergy.

Therefore is very important to actually go and find out what the exact problem is or where you can actually improve.

So getting some sort of professional advice would actually help you and also take the stress from you as well.

So like I’ve mentioned on this site before and like on many other sites out there are like various types of products on the market.

There are so many makeup brands and so many beauty brands. And there are so many skincare brands and so many products you can use whether it’s a cleanser exfoliator a mask or all type of things and they will all promise you like results.

And to be honest with you I guess the main ingredients that you should be looking at for. If you do suffer whiteheads frequently is.

Number 7

first of all, you need something with benzoyl peroxide you can also need something in the moment antibacterial that will help kill excess bacteria salicylic acid is also good. A lot of times you can find something a bit more natural like tea tree oil.

I think when you do go see a doctor and you have extreme Whitehead problems.

They will put you on acutance you can also go to salons and get proper extractions professionally where they actually extract the whiteheads for you.

And that usually leaves the minimal amount of scarring depending on how they extract it.

But usually, when they have the training they will be able to do it much better than if you do it yourself at home.

Number 8

Last but not least is something that I think you can probably do if you have the time is to go to either a spa or sauna.

Because when you actually exercise and when you sweat it out you allowing all the pores to like open up pretty much.

And getting that oil to flow through and it kind of helps your skin to detox as well at the same time. And when you do go to places like a sauna or a spa it also boosts is your blood circulation.

And when you do have blood circulation that runs through I guess the areas where you are suffering somewhat of a skin problem.

It can actually help with you know hydrating the skin it can also help with rejuvenating the skin or healing the area. So I think all of that is also very important as well. Get Free Organic Ramidis about whiteheads.

How I treat My whitehead and How is my experience?

Best Way How To Deal With Whiteheads

lastly I just like to share with you my Whitehead experience is that usually when I find a Whitehead on my skin the first thing I notice is that area being a little bit itchy.

So it has like a tingling feeling I know that okay something is happening that area. So I usually try and avoid touching it and it’s a lot of the time most of the time actually it is when I’m wearing makeup.

So once I get home and I remove the makeup I get to see a whitehead forming. Some of the times if it’s a really big one it can feel a little bit hard I talk best not to touch it.

There are some cases where especially what has a really really tiny you can just sort of like you know flick them off.

And they just disappear but ones that are kind of like that kind of you know you know dimension and size you kind of have to leave it alone for a bit.

And you will notice after a few days it starts to sort of form a more obvious white head with like a red ring around it.

Usually I let it just naturally pop and that only happens when obviously a part of it is you know reach the surface.

And it’s just like white pus I just clean it off with tissue and a lot of times it bleeds a little bit as well so I make sure.

That all the blood has come has been wiped away and I’m left with a clear fluid.

That’s what I know that at least that part of the pimple has already come out and whatever’s underneath is still brewing and still growing.

I do find that once they do extract it once you know all of the white stuff has coming out and all of the blood and all of the clear fluids it’s.

It’s going to be towards the healing sighs recovering stage. And that’s when you want to make sure that you don’t break any skin to cause any excess scarring that you don’t need.

so a lot of times I put a lot of anti like scarring creams and things like that to make sure I don’t get scarring in that area. Not always successful but you know that’s one thing I do notice.

I also find that clay masks a really good for drawing out those toxins and those you know excess oils and it kind of prevents your skin from forming whiteheads.

If you do so if you can once or twice a week do a little mask as well.


So that’s my advice and that’s my story. you can also read my blackhead article which will actually tell you some you know DIY at home you know scrubs that you can make and as well as how to extract them and things like that.

So if you have any other questions leave your comments below or you can also reach me on my social media Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. And have you guys a lovely week and I will see my next article bye.

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