7+ Tip How to Choose Right Sunscreen? Does sunscreen cause acne?


Hello is Beauty Queens welcome back to Beauty Hangama. It is your host Sara.

So today’s theme is about sunscreen. And you thought about why so many people hate to wear sunscreen or try to avoid this step.

Do you think that skipping sunscreen to make acne better is a good idea?

How to Choose Right Sunscreen?

Actually I know some people with acne-prone skin are like oh it’s gonna make my acne feel greasy err but your sebaceous glands are actually going to produce more sebum if you skip the sunscreen.

And it’s going to worsen your acne number 1 and number 2 it’s going to call us pigmentation.

Right we always hear about UV rays I think you start thought so sunscreen is a good way to protect them yes. So we are going to tell you guys to

All about sunscreen

Remember one sunscreen ingredients you should be careful of

We will share two toxic chemical ingredients that you guys should know about oxybenzone and octinoxate.

So if you guys find these two ingredients in your chemical sunscreen make sure to be careful and we’ll talk about the risks of these two ingredients.

What is Oxybenzone?

Oxybenzone is also referred to as benzophenone negative 3. It’s a common chemical ingredient found in sunscreen and also lipstick and any anti-pigmentation products.

So what are the problems of oxybenzone?

The actually recommends us to avoid ingredients such as oxybenzone however more than 80% of sunscreens sold in the US have this ingredient.

Because this ingredient is highly absorbent it can actually cause allergies and hormone disruptions and people.

So especially children have to be careful about this ingredient. However it may still disrupt hormones and cause irritation to sensitive skin. So another reason

Why we should actually avoid these ingredients in sunscreen?

It’s because it causes a lot of marine pollution and I actually learned about this before. Because right now in the marine world a lot of the coral reefs are dying down.

And it really messes up the ecosystems and the oceans. When we wear sunscreen with these types of ingredients it can release into the ocean and it can kill off the world.

As reference the clears you the essence contains these ingredients as alternatives and let me read it to you guys below.

What we should Do using Sunscreen?

How to Choose Right Sunscreen?

1. Always Use Sunscreen with vitamin D

So we always grow up hearing that sunlight is bad Sun is very bad for your skin UV rays are bad but sunlight does have a sterilizing effect on our skin which can be good for it.

Researchers are now actually establishing a link between vitamin D deficiency and acne. So getting your vitamin D is super important to improve your acne as well.

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However they also realize that just vitamin D treatment isn’t enough it’s good for just assisting products.

The major cause of vitamin D deficiency is a lack of sunlight and this time I’m guilty because I hate going outdoors yes I hate it and I know a lot of people hate going outdoors too.

Because you know it’s the Sun-like why to go outdoors when you can stay indoors and sadly the fastest easiest solution of vitamin D deficiency is actually going out in the sunlight.

But if you’re exposed to the sunlight for too long you’re going to lose more things than gain, for example, you’re going to get skin aging you’re going to get skin cancer.

So we recommend you guys that you go out to the Sun and expose your arms and legs for 15 to 20 minutes I think I can cope with that.

You guys just try 15 to 20 minutes a day and it’s not there are still ways of eating your vitamin D is supplements.

We still recommend you go outside.

2. Thoroughly cleanse after sunscreens

Sunscreens are hard to remove just like makeup so you really need to pay attention to your cleansing parts if you’re only going to use water.

It’s not going to work because sunscreen, as we mentioned so many times earlier, contains chemicals.

So you have to use other products are going to help you thoroughly cleanse that sunscreen off of your face with no residue.

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Especially zinc the oxide and titanium dioxide are very common chemical ingredients chemical that’s the word.

Chemical ingredients found in sunscreen and these are actually found on rocks. So they can clog your pores.

So please pay attention to cleansing thoroughly. So because we don’t want any leftover residue is extremely important to double cleanser.

We recommend you guys to first cleanse your face softly with cleansing oil or water and then go in again and wash with a low pH cleanser.

3. Always keep your eyes on the expiration date

So if you guys have sunscreens from several different brands make sure to check that the expiration date hasn’t passed.

And I believe some people are like “hey I only use sunscreen in the summer there’s leftover in the bottle lets save it for next year”.

I hope none of you Beauty queens are doing this because we have trusted you we believe you guys.

But if you are like this please please wear sunscreen every day that you’re going to go outside or just even if you’re inside because we still are exposed to UV rays right.

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So please please wear sunscreen every day. Even if it’s raining and I always make sure to have that sunscreen on because UV rays can really penetrate through anything so make sure to keep yourself sunscreen.

Normally the expiration date for sunscreen is about one year but if you haven’t opened the sunscreen then you can also use it from to two years.

However make sure that once you open it only use it for one year after that. If your sunscreen passes the expiration date then it can cause rashes on your skin.

And especially if you have sensitive skin you’re going to start blushing and I don’t know all those skin problems that we don’t want.

And also gradually the content of the sunscreen is going to start to oxidize. So the function of sun protection is going to decrease.

What we take care before using Sunscreen?

How to Choose Right Sunscreen?

1. Don’t apply Nano sun sprays

Physical sunscreens also have ingredients we should be careful of and pay attention and those are nano Sun sprays

This can be also known as powdered Sun sprays or powdered Sun powder some people refer to but these contain nanoparticles.

So you should stay away from them right so they’re easier to use but not very good for your skin. Now so let’s go over

What exactly Nano Suns’ spray means?

Physical sunscreens are divided into two categories nano and non Nano. The sunscreens that we usually try to avoid are non-nano physical sunscreens.

Because they leave that white chalky film on our skin that we all try to avoid so in order to improve the situation nano physical sunscreens were developed.

However, they’re very problematic first. So avoid nanoparticles not particles in Sun sprays and some powders are very hazardous to your lungs when they inhale.

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Also discourages the use of nano particles in sunscreens and Sun powders because obviously we have to care for our lung that hope yes that more important than your skin guys lung safety.

And also for those with genders living in Europe bans the use of nanoparticles in some sprays and some powder.

So lucky you guys white cast isn’t always avoidable as much as we hate it sometimes those kinds of sunscreens are better for our skin.

Rather than wearing chemical sunscreens that are nano and don’t leave that white cast to injure a little white cast safer and healthier skin.

The reason why sunscreen leaves about white hats is that it’s essentially from grounded rocks.

So if you put it on your skin it’s not going to absorb but if you Pat it in carefully and it increases the absorption.

2. Don’t mix sunscreen with other products

Many of you guys use cushions foundations makeup faces or primers with SPF in it and this is the most common mistake you guys make.

Because some people would be like I already have SPF in my foundation so I’m going to skip for sunscreen but you can’t do that.

Because of course, it is going to be helpful if you have SPF in your makeup products but that does network as a substitute for sunscreen.

because and here’s the reason why the anti UV rays that are inside your makeup products like primer makeup faceless foundations and cushions are very low in content.

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So they all have different grades of the protection which isn’t going to be effective on actually blocking out the Sun.

So what you want to do is actually stick to your moderate amount of sunscreen not SPF in your foundation but actual sunscreen.

And also if you’re planning to be staying outdoors for a long time we recommend you use a sonic cushion to re-apply during the day.

We also make other mistakes when it comes to sunscreens such as mixing other product sunscreens which I also did before as well such as mix things yeah foundation BB cream or moisturizer with SPF.

So although doing this does make the texture lighter and it proves the spreadability it actually lowers the sub protection functions so we don’t recommend you to do this.

The second mistake that we always do is mixing chemical and physical sunscreens together

It’s better to just use one type because some ingredients and both of these sunscreens can contradict each other and they can actually irritate your skin, even more.


Great make sure to leave your comments below and if you have any questions tell us down below.

So we can read all your questions and answers them for you in further articles and if you have any skin concerns make sure you search for skincare now until next time you.

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