Help and financial aid pours in for veteran ailing actress Savita Bajaj but is not enough, says Nupoor Alankar

Help has started trickling in for ailing veteran actress Savita Bajaj but it is not enough just yet.

Actress Nupoor Alankar, who has been taking care of Savita Bajaj, said, “Supriya Pilgaonkar has come forward and helped and some committee members of CINTAA too have pitched in so that we can pay some portion of the hospital.”

Savita Bajaj has been shifted to the ICU where she is on oxygen support but is stable now.

Savita Bajaj has worked in films and TV and worked with actors like Anil Kapoor and Govinda.

It had been very tough for Savita Bajaj to come out in the open and talk about her financial condition. Nupoor said, “She is a woman of huge self respect and just yesterday some media persons landed up at the hospital stressed her out so much that she had to be shifted to the ICU.”

There are several senior actors who have seen glory during their hay days and nobody would like to see them die in penury.

Amit Behl said, “Actors like Bhagwan Dada and Bharat Bhushan are typical examples so please support us and today acting has been recognised as a skill and we need to get benefits that people or freelancers from other sectors are benefitting through government schemes.’’

ETimes TV also has it that the veteran actress’ heart is in an enlarged condition and there is a certain amount of pressure on her lungs.

Earlier in an interview with BT, Savita Bajaj shared about her health and financial condition. “My savings have dried up. I have spent all the money on my failing health. I have developed serious breathing issues and don’t know how I will manage now,” she said.

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