getstreaming tv code : enter code

getstreaming tv code : enter code

getstreaming tv code Connecting to your device the streaming features mmtv is powered by google chromecast it can give access for all the thousands of apps.

Everyone is interested to connect your device by entering code but due to some reason your not going to stream your device . Are you looking for that this is the right place here . Follow the steps to get the code.

  • Before entering  code from your TV make sure that your connected WiFi to your TV.
  • Make sure that connecting device  WiFi is same  as your  to Smart TV.

Supported devices

3.Android devices.
4.Laptops  and computer need to required the latest version for minimum cast requirements visit here to know minimum system requirements.

How to cast

Switch on your smart TV. Now select the “google chromecast” icon On your interactive TV menu or by using TV remote you can switch to HDMI input.

After that follow the given instructions on screen.  link the WiFi network shown and connect your device.

Now open your Android mobile which is having the cast enabled app options. Tap the cast options and select your room.

Cast button is appears on your upper right side on your Android mobile.

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Things to know before casting your device.


  • The device which is your using must be connected to the same WiFi network as google chromecast or TV.
  • Make sure that your device must be having the latest version . Before connecting your device check whether it is old version or latest version on your google store /apple store.
  • before casting your device enabled the google chromecast on your device.
  • if your still facing trouble shooting problems contact them

How to enter code


After switching HDMI input  now pair your device  here follow the three steps to cast your TV

1.connect WiFi network which is shown on the screen. Use same WiFi network both the device (chromecast and your mobile, laptops)getstreaming tv code : enter code will enter code. On you tv. And You will get the code on your tv. Note it that code and leave the screen.getstreaming tv code : enter code

Now go to your mobile type the name  enter the code which is shown on your TV. After that accept the terms and conditions to continue. device is connected now appear on your TV. Open your cast enabled app Tap the cast icon . Now you cast your streaming service and you can enjoy unlimited service.

If you want to stop your cast Device means tap on cast icon you can disconnect your device.

Frequently asked questions.


Is there any charge to cast device.

  • No, there is no charge for casting but some hotels may charge because of using the WiFi connections to cast.

Can next guest in another room view my shows

  • No, cannot view your content. All are kept in private. No need to worry

Cast but doesn’t appear on my device what should I do

  • Check that your using the supported app
    Uninstall the app and again install the app in latest version. Reopen your app.
  • If your still facing problems call the customer which number is appearing on your TV

Can I use my chromecast device

  • No, you can’t use your chromecast device

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