Fampay is safe or not


Fampay is the India First numberless card in India only for teenagers . It’s just like a debit card for the teenagers. Teenagers can use this card and do the payment. But everyone is having the doubts that is Fampay is safe or not. Are you searching for that this is the right place here i will give you complete information about this fampay. Continue reading.


Using fampay card teenagers can do the online transaction without disturbing their parents fampay is very useful to the children’s because when ever you go out sometimes parents may be available, sometimes may not be available if children use this fampay card means. At any time parents can send the money through the fampay app. Children can withdraw this amount using with debit card.


Fampay is safe or not


Every parents having the doubts about this fampay card. Is it safe or not. Is there any illegal using this account. Many questions having the parents. Because nowadays many people are having the trouble about this type of cards. And also many people cheated without proof. But fampay is not like that as per the company this fampay is safe With proof. Fampay is Numberless card . There is no chance to track card number in the fampay card.


When your doing transaction device locked with full protection. No chance to track you when your doing money transcations. No chance to see your details when your doing online payment.It is 100%secure with PCI AND DSS complaint . It is powered by the idfc bank. And also having with the rupay network. It is fully trusted fampay card.


You can use this card online and also offline . By using the flash PIN you can withdraw your amount offline. There is no need to worry about the cards if it’s lost or stolen by someone . You can block the fampay card by using the fampay app. Thank you for visiting this of you have any doubts comment me inbox.


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