Facebook Could users now leave the platform over its row with Australia

Facebook Could users now leave the platform over its row with Australia

In times of Crisis information is King how he get his own you become more varied and Rich from printed reads to radio as the king in king-emperor digital devices how we access on use is more floral and colourful than ever before that is until Facebook the ut the Battlegrounds in Uno hair hair before spectacle to pay the creators of news content for publishing it on that platform not acceptable said Facebook and its response was Radical a total ban of news content in Australia published viewed or shed she said it’s not something that we’ve done lightly think that’s a real misunderstanding about how how a platform actually operates publishes not just in Australia but around but around the world do they have the choice if they want to post on Facebook the Australian response without the play play this is outrageous and unacceptable we expect that Facebook will fix these actions immediately I never repaid them again not least because that was Clash Royale damage Facebook also block Public Service information the fire brigade even a domestic abuse charity disgraceful say the journalist affected particularly during the pandemic fun t s fat checks Quality information available to them via the pages of.

Dai lights LACMA Sydney Morning Herald we we believe it is absolutely will eggs a spiracy theorist Google face the same direction took the opposite approach striking a deal with music or Empire a small cost perhaps to avoid the photos food out if you feel like a buffalo on the other side of the world but it is remarkable that anyone he wants to access an Australian use those on Facebook now comes I’m all that’s been years of escalating tensions between government and big tagged it really feels like a key moment without spilled over into action on retaliation many Seattle see as an outright attack on Free Speech and even do t to ld uld talk totally on t d o red he alter the road to regulation putting big Tech on the more pressure than ever before similar loads already being discussed in the EU the Gauntlet thrown down to two legislators worldwide I just I’m on I’m I’m I’m almost speechless which is quite rare for a politician it is one of them the most idiotic culprit culprit news I could get some moves that will anger rather than cow legislators around the possible to l take to me time in the short-term it’s its consumers who lose most this is the truth world’s first experiment learn better from it how.

amicable cordial negotiating process that takes into account the millions of users in a country country that flyer for Facebook if uses take issue amidst a rich history of media this Remains the most modern of head-on head-on.


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