Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C (Clear Your All Doubts)


Hey guys for today’s article we are going article to talk about vitamin C in your skincare.

I’m sure that you have a couple of products that already have vitamin C or that you’ve even looked into it in the treatment of scars and acne or in wrinkles.

So hey guys I’m Sara from beauty hangama and I’m here to help you welcome back to our brand new article everything about Vitamin C.

Guys I’m trying to cover those entire questions about vitamin C. and If I miss something then please let me know in the comment section below.

So guys without any farther ado let’s get started. In this article, we are going to cover.

 so for today’s article, we are going to break down the skin science I’m going to teach you a little bit about.

How do molecules like to work and also give you some of my favorite product recommendations as well as warnings.

 Because there is some vitamin C that is sold on the market that is actually just junk and will not help your skin and it could even worsen your skin.

 So I’m going to show you what to look for what to purchase and what to stay away from.

1. What exactly is vitamin C do?

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C

When it comes to the vitamin nutritionally we know that orange is habit we know that citrus fruits such as lemons and limes have it.

 And if you really know your fruits and veggies you know that pepper does actually have the most vitamins C.

 But when it comes to vitamin C that’s applied topically how does that work and how is it different vitamin C

whether it’s ingested in the foods you eat or in a supplement or whether it’s used topically on the skin is an antioxidant.

 We’ve spoken extensively about antioxidants before and I’m more than happy to link you to some of those articles we did one on coQ10 which is another antioxidant.

 so to spare you the biology lecture an antioxidant basically stops damage from happening to your skin instead of having your skin being sacrificed

the antioxidant steps in and says I sacrifice myself instead

so that the proteins and the DNA and the healthy parts of your skin

do not get destroyed by things like smoking or environmental factors or even breathing.

 Because antioxidants can blunt that response.

Collagen is something that I’m sure you’ve heard of before and it especially comes into play when it comes to scarring such as from acne and from wrinkling.

 Collagen is essential and it’s normally found in the dermis which is the bottom layer of the skin.

 And having high levels of collagen means preventing wrinkles and means having appropriate scar responses to kind of get rid of whatever’s going on

and when it comes to trauma such as picking your acne or even a cut or wound.

 But not overreacting and causing a colloid or a raised scar.

Vitamin C is naturally found in the skin but as you age more than level does decrease.

 as you’d expose yourself to more free radicals which come from living life smoking driving a car and breathing in the gas fumes

and just burning candles and being a human and breathing air that generally tends to happen.

 and those vitamin C levels can dip and break down vitamin C is also water-soluble

most of the other vitamins such as A and E are fat-soluble but vitamin C and a couple of the B vitamins are water-soluble.

2. How exactly does it work for your skin?

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C

so speaking of when it comes to vitamin C what can it offer to our skin.

one of the biggest things you should know is that because of its antioxidant properties.

it is amazing at anti-aging and even its scar prevention and collagen boosting.

 So vitamin C stops aging again by offering itself instead of having your skin deteriorate and because vitamin C can penetrate pretty deep.

 It can actually promote collagen synthesis again this means the rebuilding of collagen.

 Collagen and elastic are really important to maintaining supple skin that is free of wrinkles and that scars appropriately and not too much.

 So if you’re someone who’s worried about aging vitamin C can help.

But especially if you’re someone who’s dealing with acne scarring if you have an open lesion if you’ve got some inflammatory acne vitamin C can be amazing.

 There have been some studies that have shown that vitamin C when applied topically can actually take down the inflammation of acne.

 So whereas vitamin C doesn’t kill bacteria it’s not going to kill the P acne bacteria

but it can bring down the inflammation so if it’s really red if it’s really not a jeweler.

 this might be something that you want to try in addition the body normally scars

when it comes in contact with the trauma that could because by picking it acne it could be caused by a cut or a lesion etc.

 now there have been some studies that show that putting vitamin C on topically does not increase the speed of healing for instance

it doesn’t increase the time of healing but because it promotes collagen synthesis.

 It promotes healthy scar formation and not overbearing or overdoing it on scar formation one of the biggest things that I’ve struggled with acne is scarring.

 and I mean you get rid of this unsightly painful acne on your face but then you’re left with these white or pink or even brown raised scars or flat scars and it’s like they live there as a reminder.

 And sometimes you even have the box picks cars which are really hard because they change the texture of the skin

so they actually cause dips in the skin which can be really hard to cover up with foundation.

 If you don’t spend a lot of time doing it or know what products to use.

 Vitamin C can kind of step in there as the acne is being treated and prevents some of those textural changes when it comes to scar formation.

 Vitamin C may be able to provide the collagen synthesis and stimulation to bring down some of that scarring or

if there is any residual healing happening to kind of help blunt that response.

3. How to help Vitamin C from UV damage?

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C

UV damages

 In addition, there’s actually a new study showing that vitamin C might be able to help with UV damage because of its antioxidant properties.

 UV damages again the damage that comes from the Sun that can cause premature aging and even cause some cancers and melanoma.

 Which as we know is very very serious melanoma is skin cancer which can be life-threatening.

Now there are studies that show that vitamin C has taken orally.

 Such as 2 fruits and veggies can help blunt that UV damage and therefore skin cancer response

but used topically there may be some science to this as well.

 And I personally have not been able to find a definitive study proving that

but it is something that researchers and experts are looking into and something that we should keep in mind.

 Because if this could prevent UV damage to its antioxidant properties or through another method that would be freaking phenomenal.

4. When you should use Vitamin C?

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C

When you should use it definitely depends on your skincare routine your personal needs

and whether your skin is dry or oily but one thing that you should consider is that vitamin C has a higher rate of uptake in acidic environments in acidic skin.

 That means that vitamin C is more readily absorbed and utilized by your skin if it is more acidic.

 And we’ve talked about acids and bases and skincare and our skin itself in a couple of other articles.

When it comes to the pH of your skin if your skin is naturally higher on the pH or more alkaline.

it’s more prone to dryness but if your skin is naturally more dicks it’s more prone to acne.

 Which of course sucks when it comes to looking like Rudolph or something

but at the same time for the uptake of vitamin C, your skin might be more receptive to that.

5. What should you look for in your skin hair?

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C

So acne sucks but having acidic skin at least has one bonus

now when it comes to vitamin C what should you look for in your skin hair what products should you use and what should you avoid

 I want to give you a couple of product recommendations of products that I trust and love but at the same time, you need to know a warning.

 Vitamin C is very unstable.

 Unstable means that under certain conditions it can be rendered useless and one of the biggest things is light and air.

 If your vitamin C gets too light that light can actually destroy a lot of the beneficial properties

which basically means that you’re spending a bunch of money on skincare and it’s useless.

6. How to prevent vitamin C?

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C

The best way to prevent vitamin C from having photodamage or light damage is to make sure that it is stored in a glass tinted bottle.

 if you want to store a new buy vitamin C and it’s in like a bottle that’s completely clear and you can see it.

you can probably bet that if that bottle has been on the shelf for more than a week that the vitamin C has actually been destroyed.

 Using a dark bottle especially a glass bottle is what protects vitamin C.

 You also want to try to find products and bottles that had either a dropper or a pump and it isn’t wise

because this pump doesn’t introduce a lot of air even a dropper it doesn’t introduce a lot of air.

If you have a jar of a product or a moisturizer that you screw up in the top two and you just apply it to your skin.

you’re introducing a lot of air to that product and the oxygen and the molecules in that air can actually bond to the molecules in the vitamin C.

 And start breaking it down and destroying it before it has a chance to get to work on your skin.

 So in order to prevent wasting money and time make sure that you are looking for vitamin C products

that do have a tinted bottle and they are is closed off to air as possible.

7. What is the best time to use Vitamin C?

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C

 I use this product at night and for anyone who is using you know a vitamin C product, I would probably recommend using it at night.

 because if you use it during the day yes you can kind of combat some of the toxins

and some of the free radical damage that is happening throughout the day.

 But at night is when your skin repairs and especially.

if you’re going for scarring or for collagen synthesis to prevent wrinkles the night time is a really great option.

 Also, I have to preface that I only do my skincare routine once a day, so that being said for me this works at night.

 If I were doing my skincare routine twice a day would I am using this in the morning maybe for now I do not.

 the other thing about this is that this has witch hazel in it.

which isn’t astringent which means that if I do have an active breakout or

if I do have a couple of pimples that are irritated and this can help to kind of sanitize and sterilize the area.

8. Some best Vitamin C product

 On top of that this has retinol and coq10.

Retinol is amazing at kind of breaking down the top layers of the skin and it is very beneficial for acne.

but this is a product that really combines both of those powerhouses vitamin C + Co Q 10. 2 of the most powerful antioxidants to get my skin a little bit of a boost.

This is cleansers that have vitamin C rosehip oil jojoba oil and tea tree oil as you know two of my favorite oils for acne are jojoba oil and tea tree oil or oil tea tree oil.

 tea tree oil that I just say today oil tea tree oil is natural and I have found that it is great for my acne.

in addition to fighting scarring, jojoba oil strongly mimics the sebum of our skin but doesn’t allow for bacterial overgrowth especially Pat P acnes bacterial overgrowth.

 It’s the way that our sase bo does sebum is the oil in your skin so because of alcohol.

but is very moisturizing and our skin can utilize it without really out the bacterial problem.

 Rosehip oil is also amazing and if you’ve heard me talk a little bit about the oil cleansing method before it’s really beneficial

because those oils really don’t just remove makeup but they actually break them down.

 And get them out of your pores and for me, I found that leaving makeup or dirt on my skin can be one of the biggest triggers for my acne.

 so I need to be really diligent about getting all of that off this cleanser does that

but it as well has that vitamin C and Co Q 10 so again it’s injecting those antioxidants right into the skin where I need them.

 The other one I mentioned is SkinCeuticals and I love the SkinCeuticals

I have not purchased them in about three years and it’s been about three years since I have used vitamin C from SkinCeuticals.

 and the reason why is because it’s a blogger one not only do I want to clear my skin and keep it looking amazing but I want to try new products.

 because it’s my job to test those out to see what’s new and to bring honest facts and science behind Beauty to the Internet in written blogs and for articles for magazines etc etc.

 And as a nerd I enjoy it so I personally have not used the SkinCeuticals product in a long time but it was one of my favorites

and I know it is down the line like one of the top recommended so look into that too.

 I will link some other vitamin C products down below there are some budget-friendly ones from pixie Beauty there are some from Juice Beauty which is organic and natural and effective.

 And I will link those down below as well if you are interested in looking into some different vitamin C products that might suit your skin’s needs the best.

 Again remember that everyone’s skin is different so you do need to find what works for you

and if you are suffering from severe acne especially if it is cystic acne or non-jeweler acne or even just come done based acne that is really really persistent.

 You probably want to use vitamin C along with another active being benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid or add a Feline gel or something else.

 Now the great thing about vitamin C in combination with acne products is that benzoyl peroxide can cause irritation for a lot of people.

it can cause damage to the actual skin even though it’s getting rid of acne it can cause some damage to happen.

 Because it’s a very powerful chemical but vitamin C can help blunt the negative response that it has on the skin.

 So that the benzoyl peroxide or another active acne ingredient can fight against the acne but then the vitamin C can kind of protect your skin.

My Final Word

so that being said I hope you learned a little something here. if you did be sure to let me know also post a comment and tell me what ingredient you want me to like skin science. And guys please share this article your small step can change someone’s life. And stay tuned guys I’ll see you with another one bye bye guys.  

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