Crypto browser Cloud Boost worth it ? How Much can you earn mining with just one device in 2021 ?

Welcome and today’s I’m going to share one of the most requested topics which is how much bitcoin you can earn by using the crypto tab browser Cloud Boost for free and this is the most detailed website.

So if you are new to the channel do subscribe and turn on on notification because I make detailed Website like this for you guys and right now I’m going to use both of these devices as you can see here and I will start a stopwatch and this is for one hour and this is exactly how you should calculate how much you are making so in our let’s see how much satoshi.



I will have in my balance and you can check out how much balance is there right now I started my stopwatch and my balance is around 3936 satoshi, okay and after one hour let’s see how much I will make okay after one hour you can see my timer is done okay and my balance I will just refresh the page, okay this is in real-time I’m doing so after refreshing my balance is around three nine five zero satoshi

So that if ference is around 714 satoshi and this is for per hour and this is with two devices with free speed and now let’s go back to my desktop so now let’s do the calculation so you already know I have used two devices so what I was making is 14 cyclists never age you can make even more for my other test I was also making nine satoshis as I have said with one device and with the free mining on and 14satoshi is for two devices

So let’s say if you want to know how much you can make in a day you have to just multiply it with 24which is 24 hours of a day okay so you are going to make around 336 satoshis if you need 1000 satoshi for withdrawal just want to try this website out and if you want to dough check out withdrawal in a like once after one thousand satoshis so you can just calculate how much is that with one thousand minus okay so it will roughly take you three days just like I have done my withdrawn

It will take you three days to take this withdrawal at one thousand so to see you already know it’s not that much it will be around less than 10 censors 30 to 40 rupees, okay and I have already done my withdrawal in the first two or three days so if you want to make this unprofitable for you guys what you have to do is let’s calculate how much is that in a month let’s say if you want to find out so we have already calculated.

cloud boost

How much this is in a way, okay and then you have to calculate by multiplying it with 34 31 days, okay if we assume that a month has 31 days so you will make around 10416 satoshis so if you want to find that out you can also find these sites okay there are many sites like this you can just check out how much you will be making in in or USD whatever you wanton find and I said this is in a month okay 10416 satoshi

So okay sorry about that okay so it will say how much you will make okay you will make around 400 rupees so it’s okay it’s for free you’re making almost 500rupeesso I know it’s not worth it that much sole’s talk about another thing that you guys asked me about like if we buy any of this plants like the cloud boost option which is available with this crypto browser

How much you can make and if you can make a profit out of it even with one device okay even with one device if you can make out the profits cloud boost option it is quite simple in layman terms it’s double of your speed if you are getting let’s say 1500 hash rate on your mobile device which is most commons if you get into two speed that’s like into two just multiply it that will be like three thousand hash rate and just like that it will continue if you get  1010 x speed it will be 15 000 hash rate and just like that if you get the 15xspeed it will be around 22500 hash rate with one device okay with one device

Let’s as  let’s see how much you can make with the ultra plan which is my idea of buying right now in the next two days I will be buying the ultra plan and after buying it I will show you how much I am making with the ultra plan and if I am able to withdraw on everything I will just say in a new Website how I am purchasing it and what’s my idea how much I want to makes do check out that Website also if you wanton check out okay so let’s talk about the ultra plan if I get it for two devices right now you already am getting 14 satoshis for free okay for the free if I’m mining with my devices

So if I get an ultra plan I will get it for two devices let’s say I’m mining with my two devices so let’s multiply it with 30 because two devices have a rate okay 15 into 15 that’s 30 okay sorry so I’m getting 420 satoshis for one hour in one hour I’m making 420satoshi now okay let’s say for 24 hours in a day how much I will make 1080 satoshi so what I was making before okay around 420  rupees am making in in a day now okay in okay still it sounds quite okay like 420rupees is much better in a day okay and

Let’s I will talk about how much you have to pay for the ultra plan after um calculating how much I’m getting in a month because mostly these plans are for a month so you can see in here if you get it for one month you have to pay around 2000 rupees but let’s check out later it is a bit more, okay so this is for one hour let’s multiply this with 24that’s for one okay

I’ve already multiplied now sorry ten thousand 80 this is for one day I have already estimated so this is for one month wearer assuming it’s 31 days mostly they set this plan for 31 days so you will make around 3 lakh 12 000 and 480 satoshis okay just check this balance, okay I will keep this on the left so you know how much it is if I’m placing the exacta mount so how much is this satoshi in Iona rupees that’s like 13 000 rupees which is decent money in a month okay and let’s see if we are making any profit from this so if we get this plan okay let’s see how much it cost for one month

Let’s say if we get it we have to payaround3599 rupees per month, okay so we are definitely making a profit but how much is this profit let’s see okay 13 050 rupees minus359 rupees so we are making roughly around 9000 rupees so our investment is already back in a month and we are definitely making a profit, okay our profit is around 9000 rupees so it is decent much better if you get a paid version we are already getting our return in a month but let’s say we get it for a year okay for a year it will only cost us1833 rupees for a month we have to pay so 1350minus 18 33 rupees

So we are making in a month if we get it for a year every year we are going to make 11 217rupeeswith just two devices okay two devices now I have already told you in my previous starting of this like cloud boost you can use as many devices with cloud boost there is no limit for this many people were also telling me there ‘sonly three devices four devices but it doesn’t work like that you can connect as many devices it’s not even written on the cloud boost terms and condition so you can connect as many devices as you want with cloud boost so it doesn’t matter

What my idea is I am going to buy cloud boost with four other members with me okay four people will be sharing the cloud boost and also sharing our network whatever mobile devices we have and all of them will be connected with the cloud boost so one of the guys even has 20 devices for mining so he is literally so interested in the next two days he will be paying us

So I will be buy in the cloud boosts a total and I will make a Website of this later how I am purchasing it and everything so you can assume how much you can make and my target right now is to make almost one lakh rupees out of this plants okay out of buying the cloud boost so do check out those so that’s it for the Website I will show my next Website how I am buying the cloud boost I will be buying the 15x speeds let’s see how much profit I will make in a month and how long it will take for me to recover this one-year price money which is around 22 rupees which is quite okay money like one year you can definitely buy it

It’s not that high amount, okay but you already saw how long it will take for you to recover the uninterested like in a month even if you buy the one-month plan you will recover all your unlike whatever you paid for this plan okay it’s worth it okay that’s it for the Website I hope this Website was quite informative for you guys and nobody else has made such a Website so I hope you enjoy it and do check out my last Website also if you have any doubts you can just contact me on my Email id or join the WhatsApp group if you have any questions you can ask me there thank you for watching tillers see you on my next Website bye i isn’t here for the money I an in there for the fame though it might be nice to own a jet plane imam do it all for you come along the world is pretty cold you might need to abut sometimes it gets cold.

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