5 Best the ordinary vitamin c review in 2020 (Best Buying Guide)


I want to break down the different kinds of vitamin C and which type is best for each skin type. Because if you have oily skin it’s going to need some very different ingredients than dry skin.

But if two people with two different skin types are looking for vitamin C it can be hard to know which form of vitamin C is the best.

So we’re going to go through that today you’re welcome. Because this video is probably going to be 5 minutes long but by the time I’m done with it it’s probably going to take over 70 hours to create.

I also had to go the extra mile by creating a handy little chart for you. So that when you are shopping in Sephora or in Ulta or on the inter webs which is let’s be honest probably what we’re all going to do.

You can use this as a handy guide to kind of understand what’s going to be best for your skin. Now as you know the ordinary is one of my favorite brands.

Because they have potent actives that are inexpensive I believe all of these products are under $15 some are as low as like five bucks. And most of the time they just work.

But there are times that they don’t work which are if the wrong person uses the wrong formula for their beautiful face. So first off

5 Best the ordinary vitamin c

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

Matrixyl 10% + HA

Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

The ascorbic acid 8% alpha Rbutin at 2%

5 Best the ordinary vitamin c review in 2020 (Best Buying Guide)

It is an impotent vitamin C that is suspended inside of here but with no oil and no silicones. Those who have acne-prone skin tend to know a little bit more about ingredients because we have obsessed and researched and checked.

And those with acne prone skin do tend to be a little bit more leery of certain oils or silicones for fear of causing breakouts and I don’t blame you.

This is a very very lightweight serum. So it goes on super smooth to the skin again no oils and no silicone. But it also has a very high potency about being irritating to acne-prone skin.

So as you can see it absorbs in really nicely and it actually works within the oily skin type. This is a water-soluble option so regardless of if you have oily acne-prone skin or dry acne-prone skin this should work for you.

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And it shouldn’t negatively impact a lot of the other ingredients you might be using for your acne such as a salicylic or glycolic acid.

Just as a note benzoyl peroxide is a common acne ingredient that should never be used with vitamin C not because it’s dangerous but just

Because when the benzoyl peroxide peroxide link breaks it creates a free radical and just kills all antioxidants and vitamin C my friend is an antioxidant.

So if you use this alongside benzoyl peroxide you’re basically just doing nothing. Because the two kinds of cancel each other out a quick fix for that is just using them at separate times a day.

Use your benzoyl peroxide at night and use this in the day done.


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5 Best the ordinary vitamin c review in 2020 (Best Buying Guide)

Next let’s talk about sensitive skin because I do feel like a lot of people on this channel do have sense skin and especially when it comes to vitamin C.

Some vitamin C can be irritating and stinging to the skin. So having a sensitive safe formula is a must this is the ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate solution 20% in vitamin F.

And this is fantastic for sensitive skin because it is an oil base. This has jojoba oil which I love if you’ve watched my videos for over a year to now you probably know that jojoba oil is one of the things.

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That I have used has totally calmed down and transformed my skin. I can get it for just six dollars at Omega whole face down the street and to the left.

Jojoba oil naturally mimics the lipids that our skin produces. But without adding all of the cholesterol and the fatty acids could kind of gum up the skin or could attribute to acne.

Sensitive skin often has an issue with barrier function remember our skin is basically a barrier between our inside world and the outside world.

And sometimes our skin can have problems with that think eczema think psoriasis think even cuts wounds or fissures.

But a lot of sensitive skin people have an issue with the way that their skin regulates the inside world from the outside world specifically called Trans epidermal water loss if you want to look into it.

But this formula is really great for sensitive skin because it is high potency but it is low irritation. This has one of the lowest irritations of vitamin C you can find.

so if your skin is used to erythema flushing redness if you have rosacea this is probably going to be the safest bet for you again it’s got that vitamin F is super great at kind of stabilizing.

This formula and helping the entire thing work together. And as you can see because it is oil soluble it really absorbs into the skin nicely.

Getting where it needs to go and instead of sitting up top in a higher concentration. Which with some of the other formulas could cause irritation.

I didn’t drink coffee today but you might as well think I did hydration irritation it absorbs flawlessly and it is fantastic for those with sensitive skin.


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5 Best the ordinary vitamin c review in 2020 (Best Buying Guide)

Before we get to Eileen dry skin let’s talk mature skin.

This is for somebody who maybe has fine lines or wrinkles or who needs skincare that not only is going to deliver the vitamin C as an active.

But also to help treat existing wrinkles and prevent new ones .mature skin usually has a slower cellular turnover.

Meaning it refreshes itself a little bit less frequently, on top of that mature skin usually has fine lines or wrinkles and those with it usually want to treat the existing fine lines and wrinkles while.

At the same time preventing new ones.

This is the vitamin C formula that is going to be perfect for that because of the other ingredients that are in here.

This is the magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate at 10% it is a gorgeous hydrating cream base that really smooth’s onto the skin well.

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And it has that vitamin C as well as a potent plum extract which can really help with the skin. As far as the ingredients go I’m going to butcher.

This because I don’t speak Latin we’ve got some plenty of Lubas seed oil which although. It is difficult to pronounce it is very easy on the skin it is moisturizing it is calming and it’s also anti-inflammatory.

So it can help if you have some irritation this as well as some plum fruit extract are really nice to the skin and actually deliver some antioxidant boosts.

And as we know those antioxidants can help to fight free radical damage those reactive oxygen species those nasty little home wreckers that kind of try to invade our face.

And for those who do have older skin you need those antioxidants both internally and externally. Again it’s a beautiful lightweight formula it kind of feels like a foundation of course it is not.

But because of the way it absorbs into the skin you could use it under your regular moisturizer after your serum or you could use it in place of a moisturizer if your skin tolerates that well


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5 Best the ordinary vitamin c review in 2020 (Best Buying Guide)

Next where is my dry skin a beautiful butterfly at?

Those who have dry skin need two different types of moisture.

They need surface moisture on the outside of the skin but they also need deep hydration. That actually goes into the skin and plumps up and kind of helps out those different layers.

Now as we’ve mentioned vitamin C is a great ingredient but it can induce dryness .and a lot of people who have dry skin have found that they can’t use vitamin c without exasperatingly dryness on their skin even more. However this all changes if the vitamin C is paired with the correct ingredients.

This is the right see suspension in 30% silicone and it is fantastic for those with dry skin who needs something that will deliver that vitamin C active.

But also create an occlusive barrier on the top of the skin so that that hydration and any moisture. That’s still there doesn’t leak out this is a very heavy feeling product.

But it does have a very smooth finish silicone is what’s used in a lot of makeup primers it gives you that really silky smooth feel

And for those who don’t have a negative reaction to silicone it is fantastic because of the barrier that it creates on the skin

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it’s an oxygen-permeable barrier so it still lets things go in and out but it really locks in and holds down hydration while giving the skin this really doesn’t call me creepy but like a baby but smooth feel that’s honestly what it feels like.

It’s only got about five ingredients which are literally your dimethicone aka your silicones as well as your vitamin C.

And this is about as direct as you’re going to get while still being safe for those who have dryness. You see how it kind of goes on just kind of like this fluffy cloud texture perfect for dry skin.



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5 Best the ordinary vitamin c review in 2020 (Best Buying Guide)

Lastly what about our oily skin dimities this is a fantastic really lightweight feeling serum that helps to deliver vitamin C to the face without adding additional grease

This is the ascorbic acid 8% alpha Rbutin at 2% that is fantastic for those who have a grease bucket of a face. This actually has three different really potent ingredients in it that are suspended in the vehicle.

That is oil-free but also water free it’s an Anna hydrous again water free solution that really helps to nourish the skin but without producing excess oil.

Because those of us with oily skin don’t need more grease on this face we just want that vitamin C glow without the oily sheen.

Now when you do put this on it does have an initially oily texture which is why it absorbs so well into oily skin.

But it absorbs in about 20 seconds so it just goes and gets absorbed by the skin like that. But while it does that it does not aggravate oil production so it doesn’t add to the problem.

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Now as mentioned it does have three ingredients total and two of those super potent ingredients being the vitamin C from the ascorbic acid as well as the Alpha are beaten. And because it is so it could be a little bit irritating.

Because again this stuff is strong if you have oily skin that is not sensitive I would recommend trying it because it works so magically and it absorbs in 20 seconds so well.

And it does not give you more grease. Again if you’re sensitive pop back over to three minutes of the video.


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Why would somebody want to try vitamin C in a topical formula?

Vitamin C is most well-known as being really brightening it can add a nice glow to the skin. If it’s applied after sunburn it could potentially help with taking down the redness.

Because it does have the potential to be anti-inflammatory on top of that if it’s used in higher concentrations it can help with things like pigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

If you have acne where once the pimple goes away it leaves behind a red or a purple or a brown mark for like six months.

Vitamin C is one ingredient among many that could help to reduce. On top of that vitamin C just kind of makes you look like a fresh Sunday morning.

If you wake up looking fresh on a Sunday morning because now that I think about it a lot of you are out on Saturday nights getting pretty cranked.

By the way, shameless self-promotion if you want to be instagram stalked by yours truly go ahead and gives me a follow and like a couple of photos. I took my Instagram the same way an addict looks for a fix.

So head on over it help me feed my addiction. No really I try to post a somewhat quality content and other times I sorely disappoint you you’re welcome.

So the skin types we’ll be talking about our oily dry and sensitive. Those are the three main skin types and then the two subtypes would be mature skin as well as acne-prone skin. So let’s dive in let’s start out with acne prone skin.

because if you watch this channel you’re probably dealing with a breakout or have dealt with a breakout and then just stuck around after watching the videos taking the advice and clearing your skin hopefully.


Final Word

So guys that is it. I hope you guys really enjoy this article.

and products and might be able to help you learn a little bit more or that you can post in or ask if you have questions.

also come let me stop you on Instagram it’s been like 15 minutes and I haven’t obsessively checked my feed what are you waiting for.

Always remember to beautiful inside and out I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next video bye

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