Top 5 Best Foundation Brush For Full Coverage In 2020


Hey everyone I’m Sara and welcomes back to Beauty Hangama. In today’s article, I am going to talk to you guys about my favorite tools to blend the foundation with.

Now it is very important to have the right tools in case you want to do your makeup effortlessly.

So I thought I should sit down and let you guys know what works for me and what the different tools that you can look for are.

And maybe if you think a foundation does not work for you maybe it’s just the tool that you’re using you know. So that you can actually go ahead and use the foundation again.

So I thought it would be very helpful if I sit down and does this article today so without any further ado let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Foundation Brush

Nyx Dual Fiber Foundation Pro Brush

Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush By Keshima

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush

Bamboo Makeup Brushes Professional

Blender Beauty Foundation Blending Sponge

Top 5 Best Foundation Brush For Full Coverage In 2020

So the first brush that I wanted to talk about is a stippling brush this is a NYX dual fiber proof foundation brush.

And this is what it looks like it has dual fiber hence the name. And it has these really thin edges on top they look like spikes.

and it’s very soft and it’s slightly been teased I like to use as tippling brush when I am using a stick foundation and it also works equally well for liquid foundations.

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but it can leave like lines and then you have to go ahead and use like a buffing brush to buff it well and so to use the stippling brush you literally have to press it against your skin .

Just so that the foundation is spread and then pull it downwards just like you’re painting on your face. So I really like using this it makes blending and foundation really quick.

And also give this very natural finish and I like using this for everyday makeup blending.


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Top 5 Best Foundation Brush For Full Coverage In 2020

The next set of tools that I like to use to blend my foundation is actually a combo. So it’s a combination of a flat foundation brush and a buffing brush.

This flat foundation brush is from Pro Arte and this is there AF03 brush I really like how this brush looks because of the rose gold in it.

So with the flat brush I like to spread my liquid foundation or any cream foundations. And I like to use the flat brush on mostly liquid foundations my estee lauder double wear or my Mac Studio Fix foundations that moves very easily.

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So with the flat brush I like to spread the foundation all over my face First and then go ahead and take a buffing brush and buff the foundation in.

this way you can build in the coverage and the spread that you need of the foundation all over your face and like try spread I mean the thickness of the foundation that you need all over your face.

And then take a buffing brush and blend it all in so that there are no harsh edges.

Now you can even take a flat foundation brush like this to spread the foundation and then go ahead and blend the foundation using a sponge.

I will talk about the sponge a little bit more lately but I thought mentioning it right now As well because I like to do that too.


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Top 5 Best Foundation Brush For Full Coverage In 2020

The next brush is actually one of my favorite brushes and I am never separated from this I always like to keep this one close.

Mostly because it was so expensive and secondly because I really like it and how travel friendly it is it’s tiny it fits into everything. And I really like the result that this brush gives.

so this is the Bobbi Brown full coverage face brush it is a very dense don’t shaped brush it’s supremely dense .

And with this as well I like to just pick up the foundation first and spread it all over my face. And then use circular buffing motion to pass the foundation in.

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This really helps in giving that full coverage look without leaving any lines and also making it look very skin-like. Because the bristles are so soft the foundation really spreads in easily.

And I love this brush any sort of foundation this brush can blend it all I love it the only down point to this brush is that it’s so expensive. This is actually one of my first Bobby Brown purchases.

and I literally made like a big hole in my pocket I remember when I first bought this I and I thought to myself you know that I’m going to regret it.

Then I bought a foundation brush for like that was so expensive but I never really have regretted it and I use it almost every single day.

So I think it’s worth it now I think it’s been more than a year since I bought this. But I know how expensive it is so I’m going to give you a dupe that works equally well.


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Top 5 Best Foundation Brush For Full Coverage In 2020

So this one is the back 003 brush again a very dense doll shaped brush it’s not as short and travel friendly as the Bobby Brown one.

But it works equally great they do have a smaller version of its which is the back flawlessly me 002 brush.

So that’s slightly smaller but I like the thicker one because I feel like it covers quite a lot of the surface area.

So you can like blend quite a lot of your face atones go. I do have quite a big face so like a big brush so more surface area so quicker the blending.


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Top 5 Best Foundation Brush For Full Coverage In 2020

And lastly I have a blending sponge this is the white sponge this is the one with no color so it’s made for acne prone skin and someone who has very sensitive skin.

So it has no color it’s the natural sponge color and the YBP sponges are so worth it I think they are so much better than all the other ones available.

I really like the size of it as well and I like how soft they are and I think they are totally worth the investment.

Now saying that I don’t use sponge to blend in my foundation on a regular. The reason why I don’t do that is because I have oily skin and I have acne prone skin.

So what a sponge does is that it pushes the foundation into your skin so it like really pushes it in into your pores.

Which way you get this very flawless application but I do not want to do that on an everyday basis.

You know because my pores are big so and they could get clogged very easily even if I am wearing a non come do genie product.

Pushing the foundation in every day will clog my pores and it will break me out and maybe you guys are also BRE hanging out.

Because of that you know because of like pushing your foundation and product in every day.

also you have to be very hygienic when it comes to sponge because of the atmosphere it builds inside of it because it’s wet it’s got like foundation and everything .

So because of that it’s very easy for microbes to grow in this and if you have to like wash it every time you use it a nobody got time for that on an everyday basis.

But when I like to do makeup when I want that very flawless full coverage look this is great.

I think sponges do a really good job of not only blending liquid and cream foundations but also like liquid blushes liquid highlighters And I also like to use this to bat in my setting spray.

So that my foundation lasts longer and yeah it’s very multi-purpose and sponges are great except I don’t like to use it for an everyday basis.


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So those where all of my favorite tools to blended Foundation and that’s all for this article. I hope this article was informative and I hope that this helps you out in case you haven’t subscribed to my site and you do not want to miss.

and that’s all thank you so much I hope you guys are doing wonderful wherever you are let me know what article you would want to read Next in the depth amber series in the comments down below and that’s it I’ll see you in my next one bye

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