Arjun Mk1A One Of Worlds Most Advanced Tanks in 2021

Arjun Mk1A One Of Worlds Most Advanced Tanks in 2021
Arjun Mk1A One Of Worlds Most Advanced Tanks in 2021

I’m going to be talking about the Arjun Mach 1 a tank Nevada that is fantastic experience today of checking out there on a why is it important because it is very much the future of Indian tank warfare please what is called an acceptance of necessity sign for a hundred and 118 ardoon Mark 1/8 * 8400 crore rupees once a contract to sign still some ways for the contract we signed some ways away but it shouldn’t take too long at you’re actually happen at some stage this year and wants that does take place it’s quite clear that an indigenous platform and Indigenous tank will add immensely to the capability of the Indian army.

Now what is it about the Arjun Mach 1 a which is different from the Arjun which is 3 d iments of e Hyundai Ave * all older dy times already in service and service will it run through a couple of keyboards first has got an ability to see if dog dog it’s much better than the old tank the commander of the day is going wonderful panoramic sight which enables them to actually see Target even behind them if they do emergency we must remember tanks up very claustrophobic the compartment where the crew is

is it it relatively small visibility in all Waters is not very easy but with this panoramic sight the commander of the time wiki spotted dog spotted dog and he can engage the dog at himself or he can pass on that that talk to the Gunner who would actually in the hospital main Garden the hospital main. Secondly the survivability of this new tank it’s got what’s called explosive reactive armour which er to what it already has had. made the country.

Which actually defeat incoming kynetic shells in other words shells fired by now another tank now the tank but this is another layer of Defense which is ready it’s a laser warning detector laser detector in other words it’s a warning system which detects the presence of a lizard laser which is fired upon this particular dead died because what happens is a laser is usually fight to get the range from an enemy tank to say this tank and then that’s followed by an actual shelving shell being fired the moment laser is picked up laser is picked up in a 360-degree 360 Degrees around the origin Mach 1 Marquardt then automatically if that’s the mood that selected they would be smoke grenades and the moment you have smoke grenades are you got an element of protection because those smoke grenades actually end up all

a and also tell me a and autosomal believe nda age r also thermal imagers what are thermal images imagers these are systems which enabled the tank gonna order the tank commander of the drive of primarily to be able to actually moved in or 3 out in any way weather condition they actually enjoy the desert of of very good field of vision and in the Air Jordan Mach 1 a tank that’s something that’s actually been in in beside the commander of the Dank also for the driver of the tank so the mobility of this tank is a very big deal of I’m just going to consult my notes over here because what is a bit concerned of the Air Jordan is that look it’s it’s exceptionally heavy it is and therefore critics of the Dank of Draya typically said in fact the Box the Box about Bonnie is 16 tons 16 tons on the variant a few times variant a few times less but this is particularly heavy and the critics have always said that look this is an elephant heavy has to operate peaches which exists and those cannot take the weight of it a Droid tank now an Android and now I did speak to several of the finest mine involved in the process of developing the Arjun including the director of the cvrd that the institution to combat vehicles research and development establishment which actually has designed this tank and asked him about this the archon project

based on a western philosophy which contemporary Western tanks many of them are 60 X plus it has a 1400 horsepower engine a e the weak gives additional protection the highest elevation of zero is not compromised and this is interesting interesting. Something number to the ground pressure water the pressure per square inch is actually just a little bit more from the orchard orchard Mark run as compared to the t-90 which is the Russian tank which is the main street of the Indian army Fleet but this is the part which is really incredible they use the same engine for a heavier tank write the write the BOK what is much heavier than the old are Jordan how do they ensure that despite the additional weight you can actually perform as well so they’ve modified the final drive drivetrain off the Alger apart of the transmission is that I understand it is equally as it accelerates as fast it goes off road cross here is a t cow d for a compromised on Droid it’s a bit slower slower slow down but it’s Republic Day so that being the case it’s the off-road Behavior r of the Dank which really counts on this is where there’s not paid any compromise our lives have been criticized to

know it and I can tell you in having followed the other project now 25 years plus people are starting to talk about it but this is a world-class platform and it’s something you and I to to


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