7+ Best Elta MD Sunscreen Reviews | Best Buying Guide in 2020


Hey guys welcome back to my site, in today’s article I’m going to be sharing about Elta Md sunscreens the ones that I currently have

and that I love and once that work amazing under makeup.

 As you know it’s really hard to find a sunscreen on the market that is going to work great under your makeup.

 And the floor that I’m going to show you today I’m telling you they work perfectly under makeup.

So if you’re interested in seeing which ones those are and what I have to say about they then keep on reading.

 ok so I have 7 sunscreens that I’m going to share with you all they’re all different SPF a lot of them have different zinc oxide percentages.

 So I’m going to start with the least SPF and I’m going to work my way up to the highest SPF that I have currently right beside me.

TOP 7 Elta MD sunscreen

7+ Best Elta MD Sunscreen Reviews | Best Buying Guide in 2020

So the first product that I’m going to share with you and I have mentioned it before in my drunk elephant review the Unruh sheer physical defense by drunk elephant.

 I did do a review on all the drunk elephant products that I currently use and this was one of them that I mentioned in that article.

So this is like I said from drunk elephant it has a 20% zinc oxide which is absolutely amazing. you can’t really find a lot of sunscreens with that much zinc oxide in it.

 And when I say zinc oxide when you look for a sunscreen you definitely want to look for zinc oxide especially when you’re looking for a face sunscreen.

 now there is a lot of products on the market that just have the titanium dioxide, but the ones that I’m going to show you they all have zinc oxide in it.

 And that is going to help protect your face even more than just a sunscreen with just the titanium dioxide.

 So again this is a greener sunscreen, say it’s greasy you probably think it okay actually like

Why the hell would I put a greasy sunscreen on my face?

 And then go and put my foundation on then have a greased face all day long

I’m telling you for some reason I don’t know what it is when you put it on your face it does look greasy it looks shiny it’s a little bit sticky,

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 But if you leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before you go ahead and put your foundation on once you have all your makeup on your face for some reason it doesn’t look greasy.

 It just like seeps into your skin it absorbs and it just looks beautiful once it’s all done.

So if you have to and you’re somebody with like super oily skin you can powder up and I think you would probably be good to go for the whole day.

 but I don’t have a problem when I put this on and put all of my makeup on and go on with my day whether it’s the wintertime or summer time I never have a problem.

 It just looks great on my face and my makeup stays in place all day like this is a great makeup base a lot of sunscreens aren’t and the ones that I’m going to show you they’re all great under makeup.

 So you don’t have to worry about having your makeup kind of slip and slide all day long this is not going to do that it’s going to make your makeup stay in place.

 It’s fragrance free and it’s just a great product.



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7+ Best Elta MD Sunscreen Reviews | Best Buying Guide in 2020

This is my second tube of this and I just think this product is so nice. It’s vegan as well just like the rest of the drunk elephant line.

 And it’s really gentle on the face it doesn’t break me out and it’s good for all skin types. So this product is really great if you want a higher zinc oxide ingredient in it.

 And it is an SPF 30 there is nothing higher in the drunk elephant line.

So SPF 30 is still pretty good especially if you have a foundation that has an SPF in it as well you’re getting like a double whammy.

 So definitely look into this one because it’s a really great sunscreen.



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7+ Best Elta MD Sunscreen Reviews | Best Buying Guide in 2020

 Okay so the next 2 sentence means I’m going to share with you are both from the same brand one is tinted one is not and one has a higher SPF than the other one.

 So the one I’m going to share right now is tinted and it has an SPF of 41 and it’s by Alta empty skincare it is lightly tinted chemical-free oil-free with antioxidants and it’s also a transparent zinc oxide with sensitive skin.

 Now, this is formulated for people who have super sensitive skin I don’t have super sensitive skin, but that is amazing to have a product that is very gentle on the face.

 So if you are somebody with really sensitive skin then this is going to be probably the sunscreen for you.

 It is super gentle it is fragrance-free and this one also does not break me out. It goes on so nice and smooth and your makeup also stays in place all day.

 This one is actually a better makeup base and I would say the drunk elephant is, because it’s tinted and not only that it’s not greasy at all and it’s not super drying either.

 It’s kind of like a really nice even balance in this sunscreen.

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Now you can see here that it just has a little bit of a color payoff and when you rub it into your skin it just blends right in.

 It doesn’t give you much color at all so if you’re somebody that has a really clear face and you have no blemishes or pass acne marks this may be all you need to put on your face.

 But you definitely still going toned to put a foundation over top for coverage it’s not going to give you coverage on all just using the sunscreen.

 But even though everything really nicely it hides a little bit of redness but the redness will definitely not go away.



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7+ Best Elta MD Sunscreen Reviews | Best Buying Guide in 2020

 It’s one here has a zinc oxide of 9 % and the titanium dioxide is 7.0 %. So the zinc oxide is definitely lower in this one than the drunk elephant one.

 But this one is really nice and not only that it is a 3 fluid ounce as well and the drunk elephant was also 3 fluid ounces.

 So you’re getting a lot of product in these bottles it will last a really long time as well and for this one here you wouldn’t have to wait 15 minutes before you put your foundation on.

 Because this one is not super greasy and it’s not super mattifying it’s like a nice happy medium. So I would just say leave it on your face for a couple of minutes once you’ve applied it.

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 And then put your foundation on so you don’t have to wait as long to put your foundation and your makeup on when you’re using this product.

 But if you’re looking for something that is really great under makeup that is not greasy and not super drawing to the face I would highly recommend this sunscreen.



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7+ Best Elta MD Sunscreen Reviews | Best Buying Guide in 2020

The next one I’m going to share with you again is also by ELTA MD Skincare. And it is the UV clear broad-spectrum SPF 46.

 And it looks like this with a little cap on the top herewith a little pump this one here is a zinc oxide of 9.0 % and Ox ton ox 7.5%.

 So this one here actually has vitamin b3 in it calms and protects acne prone skin amazing high purity of niacinamide which also helps with hydration and acne.

 And it’s transparent zinc oxide for UVA UVB protection obviously and the skin type is for acne prone skin.

 now I have acne-prone skin I wouldn’t say that I’m somebody who breaks out a lot but I definitely get hormonal acne along my jawline in my chin the odd time I will get it on my cheeks.

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 And this is super great for people who have acne-prone skin. I’m telling you it definitely does work.

now I do have a little bit of a love-hate relationship with this and the reason being is if you put too much skincare products on your face in the morning,

 Let’s say you’re doing like three different serums you’re doing oil or you’re doing like a moisturizer all those skincare products on your face don’t go well with the sunscreen.

 I have a special technique that I do in the morning I follow it pretty regularly every single day and when I use this sunscreen I have to cut back on some of those skincare products.

 Your foundation and your sunscreen will pill. If you put too many skincare products on your face.

and what I mean about that is I’ll wash cleanse I’ll tone I will then put some serums on and maybe I’ll skip the oil but I’ll put my moisturizer on.

 I always let everything sit for a good 20 minutes before I even put foundation or sunscreen.

and as soon as you start rubbing or patting or whatever you do to apply your sunscreen this starts to roll off and pill all over your face.

 I was so disappointed I thought like what the hell is going on it took me a long time to figure out that Ashley you’re putting way too much skincare products on and this is why it’s peeling off.

 but then I thought well I never have this problem with any other sunscreen so why is it with this and I don’t know why I can’t tell you why that may not happen to you.

 But I find that if I don’t remember to cut back on some of my skincare products when I use this I go through that experience every single time it is so annoying.

 So I definitely have to maybe do one serum my moisturizer and done and that’s it.

and when I do that I do not have a problem when I put this sunscreen on.

 So it’s like a love-hate relationship with this I can’t use all the skincare products that I want to use but it’s a great sunscreen.

 it goes on really nicely your makeup stays in place all day with this sunscreen and it’s really great like I said it has a cap it has a pump the other ones are just a squeeze tube type packaging this one does have a little pump at the top here.

 And it does have a little bit of a sense this one actually does it’s nothing too strong it’s nothing like it’s going to give you a headache.

 but there is a slight scent to it and I can’t tell you exactly what kind of smell it is it kind of smells a little bit floral but I don’t know but I don’t mind it’s not gross and I actually don’t mind that.

 so that’s a bonus because as you know a lot of sunscreens can be really gross smelling and really strong this is a very light scent to it and it doesn’t bother me at all, of course, you can smell it once you put it on your face.

 But throughout the day that smells goes away does help with my acne actually I had a couple of acne spots on my cheeks when I first started using this like maybe a year ago.

So I really love that about this product again it’s an SPF 46 and this one has it’s not a three-ounce it’s actually smaller it’s a 1.7-ounce product.

 So you are getting fewer products in this than you are with the other two that I showed you but if you do have acne-prone skin this is worth it.

 I’m telling you it’s definitely worth it to give it a go and it’s not too expensive either okay



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7+ Best Elta MD Sunscreen Reviews | Best Buying Guide in 2020

So the last product that I’m going to share with you is one of my all-time favorites I would rank this one a 10 out of my sunscreens I absolutely love it.

 It’s tinted and it is the Australian gold a mineral lotion non-greasy antioxidant rich UVA UVB with a broad spectrum of an SPF 50.

 Which I love if I can find a sunscreen that works amazing with my skincare and my makeup routine and that it has a high SPF that is a win in my books.

 I always try and look for sunscreens that have a really high SPF but of course sometimes you can’t but then there are other better ingredients in it like higher zinc oxide that kind of balances it out and makes it even better.

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 So with this one here it’s water-resistant and like I said it’s tinted it has a titanium dioxide of 4% and a zinc oxide of 4%.

 So it’s definitely a lower zinc oxide than the other 3 that I showed you but it does have a higher SPF. So it does have a really good balance there.

 It’s also hypoallergenic and it has no animal testing its fragrance free and is amazing under makeup.

 I’m telling you it’s actually way better than the elta MD tinted sunscreen that I showed youth is one here is a little bit more color payoff as well.

 so I actually will wear this one by itself on days that I don’t really want to wear makeup a really hot day that I just feel like not wearing anything on my face 

but definitely we’re in a sense screen with some coverage this is going to do it it gives more color payoff than the elta MD.

I think it’s a little bit lighter in color than the elta MD but for some reason it just gives more payoff and it’s a little bit I guess it’s got to be a little bit thicker.

 but it doesn’t feel thicker when you put it on your face so you just rub it in and it definitely evens out your skin really nicely it’s a great makeup base like I said and your makeup stays in place all day.



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Some Importent FAQ

To be honest you have to apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours.

And if you do swimming and spend more time in the water then it will be more of pain your sunscreen applies to your body. 

And if you are normal daily life paper and you spend your whole day at your home in maximum time did you just have to apply sunscreen every 4 to 5 hours. 

Sunscreen is basically a mixture of chemicals it comes in the form of gel, spray, cream & lotion. Normally it will protect our skin from dangerous UV rays.  

Whenever we apply sunscreen on our skin or face or body then the sunscreen creates a layer upon our skin and abserved all of the dangerous UV rays and protects our skin. 

If you are a normal person and you spend your maximum of time at your home then you should apply sunscreen every 5 to 6 hours

 And if you are an official person and your maximum of time you spend outdoor then you have to apply to 2-3 hours

 And if you do swimming or you spend your maximum in time in the water then you have to apply your sunscreen every 1 to 2 hours. 

No, Sunscreen won’t “prevent” tan but it will mean that you need a LOT more exposure to the sun if you want to build a tan.

A suntan is caused by the same UV rays which cause sunburn – if you wear sunscreen you will be blocking the rays and therefore slowing the tanning process.

Yes, definitely you can use baby sunscreen there is no reason to do not use baby sunscreen. 

Baby sunscreen is perfectly safe for adults.  Even if you use a baby sunscreen then you have very very fit because you don’t have to buy a specific sunscreen for your child and for you as well.

 Because if you have purchased a baby sunscreen then you can use as well as your child or your babies can also use this is specific sunscreen so it was a good deal for you. 

These 7 products that I’ve shown you your makeup stays in place and lasts all day and I think that is super important,

When you’re looking for sunscreen and these four sunscreens are going to do it for you so you really can’t go wrong with either.

It definitely isn’t and it’s a little bit more mattifying than the Elta MD tinted sunscreen it’s a little bit more of a mattifying look which I’m okay with.

so I’m always on the hunt for new sunscreens but these are the four that I absolutely love and that work wonders for my face and I’m pretty confident that it’s going to work for your face too.

At least one of these will be a really good option slantways

I really hope that you enjoyed this article and if you did please give it a thumb up and share with your friends and family. And I will definitely see you in my next article so take care bye

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