5 Rules For Beginners How to Build a Skincare Routine in 2020


Hey beauty queen welcome back beauty hangama its Sara with you and today I have another very interesting article.

And today we have another special article for you beginners especially out there so we asked on our community what you guys find hardest about making your own skincare routine.

So we bundled up 5 top rules to make sure when you’re creating your own skincare routine

Once you get through this article you’re not going to have a hard time making your own special care routine.

5 rules on how to build a skincare routine

So let’s dive into the top 5 rules about creating your own perfect skincare routine.

Rule no.1

5 Rules For Beginners How to Build a Skincare Routine

Let’s not mess up the orders so we have talked about the specific orders you should keep within your routine.

We have mentioned the steps of skincare routine previously and a lot of you guys asked must we follow these orders? The answer is yes not only does this make your skincare routine easier.

But it also helps your product to work more effectively on the skin.

it’s simple if you think about it this way always start off with a light watery texture and build up to the thicker and creamier textures.

This makes sense because this will help the products absorb into your skin effectively.

So the most basic routine after cleansing toner serum and then cream. So then what if you guys want to add sheet masks wash off mass exfoliation and eye cream.

If you want to use the sheet mask it is good to use it after the essence or serum step.

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But if you’re Sarah or essence is a lot thicker than most serums and essences then go for it after the sheet masks add eye cream after the serum step.

And before the creams that ask for exfoliating if it’s a scrub type uses it after cleansing and before toner.

If it’s a chemical exfoliator use it as the very first step of skincare and you could even replace your toner or use it right before your toner application.

Rule no.2

5 Rules For Beginners How to Build a Skincare Routine

Separate morning and nighttime routine not only do our morning and nighttime schedules look very different our skin conditions are very different as well.

It is best to keep these 2 routines separate so

A morning routine

So the morning routine focuses on removing the dirt and impurities or the skincare leftover from the night before and starting your faceoff with a clean new star also its important to hydrate and keep your skin moisturized.

So the steps would be cleansing but using a gentle cleanser toner serum a cream and a must must Sun lotion.

When cleansing in the morning make sure to focus on removing the dirt and impurities that might have build up throughout.

The night

While you were asleep and the skincare that you’ve applied the night before remember to keep it gentle and mild.

Next step toner

Toner is a must for all skin care routines if your skin feels dry then make sure to try the toners.

Step no.3

Sara more essence using a hydrating and moisturizing serum will help you keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

Step no.4 cream

Use a lightweight texture cream – perfectly create a barrier to lock in the moisture

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Step 5

Some lotion a must remember skincare step you guys have to apply some lotion it is very important be night routine.

So night routine is when you have to get rid of all the impurities and build up as well as all the makeup and sun block the sebum that you have underneath the clogged pores etc.

So the basic steps will include cleansing a double cleanse atoner serum optional but a wash off the mask of our sheet mask and then a cream a sleeping pack or a night cream.


Cleansing unlike the morning routine you guys have to do a double cleanse so maybe you know to use the oil cleanser and then a foaming a gentle foaming cleanser to kind of get rid of all the makeup and sun block that you have piled up on your face.

The second toner

Isn’t very different from the morning step use toner to moisturize your skin after cleansing and help for the application of future skincare routine steps.

Third serums step

so this you could kind of experiment on instead of just using a lightweight serum go for something that targets your skincare concerns it could be wrinkle lightening you know hydration etc.

Just make sure to absorb it and perfectly before the next step.

Now the fourth mask

Now another special but optional step so it’s really good to try out different type of masks for your skincare concerns when you have more time in the evening.

If you’re going to use a sheet mask you use it active the serum step and if you’re going to use awash off mask that put it in before the essence serum step.

Last step cream

So like the step in the morning routine, the cream step is usually to help lock in all the skincare routine that you supplied on your face.

Using a sleeping pack or a night cream helps lock in the moisture as well as add nutrition to the skin and remember there are certain ingredients that make your skin more sensitive and irritated.

If you use it in the morning step so here are some ingredients that we recommend you use at the night instead.

Vitamin C and AHA these ingredients are really good for exfoliation but we recommend you use it in your night skincare routine.

Because during the day your skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays which makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage.

Rich moisturizers and facial oils

So all skin types vary and different skin types produce different amounts of oils but most of the time our skin produces more sebum and oils during the day.

So reach for a lightweight cream and lightweight serum during the day and go for a more nourishing and hydrating cream during the night.

Rule No.3

5 Rules For Beginners How to Build a Skincare Routine

Know your skin type to curate product and usage time knowing your skin type is very important in creating your own routine.

If you don at know your skin type check out our article where we help you find out your own skin type.

Depending on your skin type the amount you should use the amount of time you should use a lot of times you should use changes so make sure to check it out.

Rule no.4

Some ingredients are just too good to forget regardless of your skin type there are certain ingredients that your skin will just love.

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So it is very important to keep these in mind when choosing products

  1. Antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E
  2. skin-replenishing ingredients Keala Roe nick acid glycerin amino acids and ceramides
  3. skin-restoring ingredients peptides

Rule no.5

Here are some ingredients that are good to use together and that are not ingredients that are good to use together vitamin E and vitamin C.

And the ingredients that you shouldn’t use together vitamin C and BHA or AHA.

My Final Word

So thank you guys for reading another episode of Beauty hacks today we talked about the 5 things you should remember when creating your own skincare routine we are always open to suggestions.

So leave them down in the comments below or in the community and we’ll be back with another Beauty hacks article to help all your skincare concerns remember you’re beautiful just as you are

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